4 of The Best Natural Bathroom Ideas

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Ah, the bathroom, an often forgotten room in the house when it comes to decorating. With a space that we frequently visit throughout the day, it’s time to stop neglecting and start decorating! Here are some natural bathroom ideas to complete your home. 

Natural Colour Palette 

Colour is an important element in any room design, and your bathroom is no exception. For a natural bathroom design, always choose colours that complement nature such as soft greens, earthy browns, and warm yellows. These colours will work well on your bathroom walls and textiles. If you are still unsure, grab some colour swatches, place them on your wall, and see what complements your designs.

Natural bathroom ideas
Colour and Tile Swatches for the Bathroom

Indoor Plants 

Running out of natural bathroom ideas? When in doubt, get some plants. They’re natural after all! The Peace Lily and the Boston Fern are the top two plants recommended for bathrooms, but there are plenty of recommendations by plant enthusiasts.  

Peace Lily 

This indoor plant is known to be impossible to kill, just set and forget! The Peace Lily thrives in indirect light and purifies the air with its wide leaves. Not only are they adaptable to humidity, but they can absorb mold spores from the air. Keeping your bathroom clean and fabulous!

Natural bathroom ideas
Peace Lily on a Countertop, creating greenery in the bathroom

Boston Fern

To further enhance the natural ambience of your bathroom, why not add some hanging plants? The Boston Fern is a low-maintenance plant and can fit in all sorts of pots, mix and match to your desire! This feathery fern drops beautifully and is one of the best plants to bring into your bathroom. 

Natural bathroom ideas
Boston Fern with fluffy leaves

Lots of Natural Light 

Without proper lighting, any room in the home, especially the bathroom will create a sense of uncertainty. This is not a feeling you want to have in your bathroom. 

Most bathrooms have access to natural light. However, you can increase the amount of natural light in your space with roof windows. If this is not an option for you, then a natural bathroom idea is to incorporate mirrors into your bathroom, they will reflect light and make your bathroom appear brighter and more spacious. 

Natural Materials 

Now it is time to add some personality to your bathroom. A naturally themed bathroom is clean and minimal so make sure you have ample storage to keep surfaces clear. Natural materials and organic touches are a great way to spice things up. Materials such as ceramics, wood, and textured stone are natural materials options. But make sure that it is a reflection of you!

Natural bathroom ideas
Natural theme bathroom utilities to tie the natural bathroom feel

It’s Time to Start Decorating! 

The bathroom is an essential room in your home, it is where you get ready and unwind for the day. Therefore decorating will play a big part when finding the best style for you. These are the best natural bathroom ideas for you to try out! Make sure to check out our range and be inspired by what you can do to your home! 

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