Natural Air Fresheners You Must Try

Natural air fresheners
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The way your home smells plays a vital role in how functional your home is. Before reaching for a store-bought, toxic air freshener that may contain harmful ingredients, why not try a DIY air freshener? Here are the top natural air fresheners that are easy and effective.

Dried Herbal Potpourri

When you think of potpourri, you may think that they are just decor, an art piece with no functionality. But they are actually a technique to mask unwanted odors. This homemade air freshener is made from fresh or dried flowers and spices. Do not forget that the key to making good potpourri is to choose scents that complement each other.

These natural air fresheners are simple, you can make your potpourri from scratch using things from your garden. This makes for a fun activity you can do with your family. Get them involved in picking flowers and leaves to dry. And if you wish, add extra essential oils to your bowls, as this will create a stronger scent that will last longer. 

Natural air fresheners

Potpourri, a decorative yet natural air freshener to brighten up your bathroom

Pomander balls

The purpose of pomanders is to mask odours, even though people associate them with decor. However, their function of being a natural air freshener is still valid. 

Grab a citrus fruit like a lemon or orange to make your pomanders. To ensure that your pomander lasts for years, you will need to stud the fruit with cloves and allow it time to cure. This also gives you that citrus scent. 

Did you know that pomanders are pest deterrents? This is due to the chemical constituents in the clove buds, which is yet another great reason to make one! 

Natural air fresheners

Pomanders are natural and stylish, add some pop while freshening your bathroom

Essential oils

Essential oils are natural deodorisers. Apart from leaving a pleasant smell in your bathroom, they also have therapeutic benefits. These include reducing stress, anxiety, and inflammation. 

Creating a homemade natural air fresheners spray is easy to use and non-toxic. The basic recipe is as follows:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 20-30 drops of essential oils
  • 2 tablespoons of vodka or rubbing alcohol (this helps to bind the oils to the water)
Natural air fresheners

Essential oils are the go-to for natural air fresheners!

Scented wood balls or blocks

Scented wood makes a fantastic natural air freshener. This is because scented wooden balls can diffuse fragrance in a room in a modern yet minimalist way. 

They are simple to make. Take some raw, unsealed wood and slather it with your favourite scent! The shape does not matter, as long as it complements your bathroom design. You can buy pieces of wood or cut your own to make a beautiful-smelling home! 

Your Nose will Thank you for these Natural Air Fresheners!

The way your home smells plays a vital role in how functional your home is. Try these natural air fresheners and brighten up your bathroom today! For more ways to elevate your bathroom, check out our blog page!

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