Creating a Modern Craftsman Style Bathroom: 4 Great Tips

Modern craftsman style bathroom
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Blending the beauty of classic design with the chic of modern style, craftsman style is a popular interior design choice for bathrooms. Known for embracing the natural warmth of wood, modern craftsman style bathrooms are natural and simple without being too minimalist. In this article we give you 4 tips to create your own modern craftsman style bathroom!

What is Modern Craftsman Style?

Craftsman style dates all the way back to 1890s Britain and has remained popular to this day. Despite the style having Victorian roots, it favours functionality and practicality. Simple, wide and open plan layouts allow for every square metre of room to be seen.

Craftsman style still embraces its vintage past as seen with its preference of wood furniture and fittings. Types of wood such as oak and pine are popular choices to help create a warm, cosy and ‘cottage-like’ atmosphere.


4 Tips to Help You Create a Modern Craftsman Style Bathroom

Earthy and Neutral Colours

To reinforce the craftsman bathroom style’s warm and homely feel, consider using an earthy and neutral colour palette. These include colours such as white, off-white, beige, tan, greys, browns, and even shades of green.

How do you use these colours? Walls and ceilings typically feature warm colours such as beige and tan while neutral colours such as whites, greys and the occasional black, are used for trims or accents. The main idea is to focus on colours that are nature-inspired for a bathroom that feels truly cosy.

Large Amounts of Natural Light

Modern craftsman style’s emphasis on natural light means that it is only normal for you to ensure your bathroom has a large amount of natural light. Wide windows allow for plenty of sunlight are perfect for the modern craftsman style bathroom. Pair these windows with curtains in colours such as white or beige. In terms of wall mounted lamps and ceiling lamps, try choosing light fixtures which also follow the craftsman colour palette, in materials such as copper or brass.


Furniture Made With Natural Materials

We have discussed how wood is a central element of modern craftsman style. Furniture such as wooden vanities or wooden shower stools are fantastic examples of this.

However, you can go even further with your furniture selections! Stone and granite adhere to the craftsman style and are fantastic choices for your modern craftsman style bathroom. Consider upgrading your bathroom sink to a stone basin or a granite sink, or investing in marble countertops..

Wide Open Spaces

Another core element of modern craftsman style is an emphasis on wide, open spaces. To enhance this aspect, try to minimise the amount of clutter and knick-knacks within your bathroom. Look towards smart storage solutions such as wicker baskets or wooden medicine cabinets to help you manage all your bathroom possessions. Large mirrors also help to create an illusion of space and are especially useful for those with small bathrooms.


Create a cosy, homely bathroom with these 4 tips today

A modern craftsman style bathroom is easily achievable and these 4 tips will help you get started! To find some of the products we have talked about in this article, head on over to MyHomeware today – Australia’s biggest range of amazing and affordable bathroom products. And to learn more great bathroom design ideas, visit the MyHomeware blog!

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