Top 5 Benefits of a Laundry Sink in Your Bathroom

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Finding room to complete larger cleaning tasks can be difficult. Large and bulky items are a hassle to care for, and could require industrial-grade products for maintenance that cause difficult to remove staining. A laundry sink, also known as a tub, can be the right solution. They come in a range of materials, are wider and deeper than common bathroom sinks and allow for a larger range of tasks. This article explores why purchasing one is the solution to many problems which small bathroom sinks cannot solve. 


The laundry sink is an easy and functional addition to your bathroom

Why Should You Get a Laundry Sink?

Rinsing Mops and Buckets

A laundry sink is an essential part of every home as it allows homeowners to have a large enough area to fill, rinse and clean mops and buckets. The laundry tap enables the rinsing of large buckets, ridding them of any harsh chemicals present in cleaning products that can damage and contaminate a typical bathroom sink. Freestanding units further allow for storage of cleaning supplies inside laundry cabinets, thus enhancing their functionality.

Presoaking and Hand Washing Clothes


Laundry sinks provide a convenient place for handwashing delicates

Presoaking clothes involves soaking clothes in a presoak solution before placing them in a washing machine. Presoak solutions are made by mixing water with laundry products such as detergent, bleach or stain remover and are an effective, low effort method to cleaning heavily soiled clothes. The larger size of a laundry sink additionally provides space for hand washing of delicate clothing items that aren’t suitable for machine washing, and a mixer tap enables the changing of water temperature to be simple and quick.

DIY Projects

Making art projects, tye dyeing clothes, or painting can create an unpredictable amount of mess. Even common practices such as hair dyeing can also leave unwanted permanent stains on a bathroom sink. Laundry sinks provide a dedicated space where cleaning the staining and marks from doing these activities is less labour intensive.

Washing Pets


Washing your best friend becomes easier

Pets need regular washing and bathing, sometimes up to once a week if they are very active. It can be challenging washing them in a bathtub whilst squatting or bent over in an uncomfortable and awkward position. People with back or joint pain will appreciate the ability to complete this task from a standing position. A 70 litre laundry tub can also accommodate the washing of larger pets.

Watering Plants

Watering houseplants can be a messy task. Some plants, including larger or tropical plants, can require more water and soaking, causing more water drainage from the bottom of their pots. Placing them in a laundry sink allows for effortless drainage and cleaning afterwards. 

Laundry Sinks are a Great Addition

Owning a laundry sink allows people to do a range of tasks that cannot be completed in an ordinary bathroom sink. This can include presoaking clothes to ensure a basket of quality laundry, to rinsing out large mops and buckets. Messy work can be handled in a safe manner where potential stains are kept to a minimum. We recommend a 45 litre laundry tub for its versatility and ability to fit into most bathrooms. MyHomeware stocks a wide range of stylish laundry sinks in sizes and materials perfect for any home.

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