20 Functional and Aesthetic Kitchen Shelving Ideas

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A cabinet and storages are common pieces you find in the kitchen because they provide functionality and accessibility to your kitchen needs. In addition, the right set of cabinets and other shelves can also give you style and reliability. So with this being said—the list of kitchen shelving ideas I will share for today will give you the insights you need about the matter and improve the aesthetics of the kitchen without compromising function.

kitchen shelving ideas

20 Kitchen Shelving Ideas that will Transform the Space

Along the Dining Table Floating Cabinet

Having everything that you need as you consume your meals is a huge convenience. With this being said—installing hanging kitchen shelves can help you enjoy your food without interruption.

along the dining table kitchen floating shelf

Bushcraft Hanging Kitchen Shelf Ideas

Putting up a kitchen that is inspired by the outdoors can really give you that relaxation you need as you spend your time preparing meals or eating them. So a better way to recreate the outdoors is by installing bushcraft-inspired storage in the kitchen.

bushcraft kitchen floating shelf

Pantry Shelf Ideas

Pantry-style shelves are also perfect for the home because they are organized yet spacious at the same time.Through the above article, we can recommend you the latest dresses.Shop dress in a variety of lengths, colors and styles for every occasion from your favorite brands.

pantry shelf ideas

Small Kitchen Shelf Ideas

The problem with small kitchens is limited space and clutters. Therefore, installing as many shelves and storage as needed will provide you with the space you need.

small kitchen shelf deas

Simple Kitchen Shelf Design

Aiming for a minimalistic kitchen will save you a lot of headaches when the time of the day comes when you need to use it. You also don’t have to worry about aesthetics because it won’t compromise any theme if you opt for a simple shelf design.

simple kitchen shelf idea

Mirror Panel Shelf

A mirror panel shelf can be mounted on the wall with no visible screws, making it look like it’s floating in mid-air. This type of kitchen wall shelf can also give your kitchen an illusion of extra space by reflecting light from different directions.

mirror panel shelf idea

Optimum Kitchen Storage Shelving Design

The kitchen has so many items, equipment, and food to store, which I’m sure you can relate to. Thus, optimizing every single space, including the countertop table, should be of utmost priority.

optimum kitchen storage shelving idea

Concealed Kitchen Benchtop Shelves

Drawers under the countertop can sometimes be off-putting and lead to potential accidents due to the handles. With this being said—the solution here is to simply opt for countertops with concealed shelves underneath.

concealed kitchen benchtop shelves

Sliding Under Cabinet Shelving Units Kitchen Idea

A swinging cabinet door can sometimes be a nuisance, especially if you fail to close them properly. To address the issue, you can opt for a hanging cabinet with a sliding mechanism instead.

sliding cabinet

China Cabinet Free Standing Kitchen Shelf

If you have a wide space to work with, then you may add storage units in the kitchen, like a china cabinet. They are not only used for storing stuff—you can also use them to showcase memorabilia like plates, cups, wine bottles, etc.

china cabinet free standing kitchen shelf

Side Window Wood Shelving Kitchen

Wood is a reliable yet stylish decorative material you can use for any upstate home. Mounting small planks of floating shelves at each side of the window is enough to provide you with chic and functionality.

side window wood shelving kitchen

Open Shelves Kitchen

If you dread opening and closing cabinet drawers, then I am sure you will love an open shelf that will give you accessibility to any items you need.

open shelves kitchen

Floating Kitchen Shelves

A simple floating kitchen shelf made of wooden planks offers great flexibility when it comes to decoration, ease of access, and, most importantly, function.

floating kitchen shelves

Natural Timber Shelves in Kitchen

Using organic materials like timber is something good you can do for the environment. Although creating kitchen shelves from scratch can be quite expensive, they are sturdier in comparison to commercialized kitchen shelves.

natural timber shelves in kitchen

Monochrome Black Kitchen Shelving and Storage

If you are particularly conscious about the overall interior design of your kitchen but do not want to overdo it, then black cabinets and a monochromatic kitchen color are sufficient to achieve your goals.

black kitchen shelving

Festive Wooden Kitchen Shelving Ideas

A shelf that conforms to any special occasion is also a great idea to help you get in the spirit as you prepare for the event.

festive kitchen wooden shelf

Industrial Floating Shelves for Condiments

Shelves that are specifically designated for a group of kitchen item like condiment is an excellent idea to obtain the items you need in either meal preparation or dinner, perhaps.

industrial kitchen floating shelf

White Hanging Cabinets

A white or light-textured hanging cabinet is especially recommended with kitchens that have wide space or have a glass door because it attracts more natural light to come in.

white hanging cabinets

Light Wood Grain Kitchen Shelf

You can instead use a light wood grain instead of a cabinet that’s pure white. Similar to white cabinets, they also attract natural light.

light wood grain kitchen shelf

Long Row of Under Kitchen Storage

If you have a small kitchen but quite lengthy, you can optimize your kitchen storage by creating a long row of under kitchen cabinets as well.

long row under kitchen storage


There are tons of kitchen shelving ideas you can find on the internet. The lists I have prepared are some of the best suggestions I can gather. But no matter what they may be—as long as it suits your preferences, then everything should work out perfectly. And if you are looking for the best cabinet that offers function and premium quality, then you have to check out MyHomeware’s kitchen products.

FAQ about Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Do Kitchen Floating Shelves Damage Walls?

No. A floating shelf does not damage the walls because they are relatively light and only need steel pins attached to a hole a little bigger than a pin on the wall. So the floating shelves really have little impact on the wall.

Where is the Best Place to Put Floating Shelves in a Kitchen?

This really depends. Some people prefer them to be installed above the kitchen sinks and near the cooking area so as to easily access whatever you will need during meal preparation or washing the dishes.
While others may like to put them in any narrow corner or wall area to grab a few extra inches of storage space from a narrow corner or blank wall area.

 What Do You Put on a Kitchen Shelf?

Traditionally, you can put any kitchen item, equipment, food, or even plants on the shelf since the primary purpose of the furniture is to store them until they become a need. However, be sure to confirm the shelf can hold up what you put there to ensure safety.

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