How to Choose A Suitable Shape of Bathtub

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Which shape of the bathtub is best for your bathroom? Whether it is large or small, the bathtub is the best choice for you to relax and relieve fatigue after you finish a tiring day of work. So, which shape of the bathtub is the most suitable for you? Today I will introduce several different styles of bathtubs for your reference.

1. Boat-shaped bathtubs

Boat-shaped bathtubs are usually associated with traditional-style bathrooms, but here is a different modern-style bathroom. The characteristics of this bathtub are that one side is high and the other side is low, and the higher-end looks like a pillow. The whole bathtub looks like a small boat. When it appears as a free-standing bathtub, it is very effectively combined with a floor-standing faucet to create a dazzling character.

2. Square bathtubs

When the space is large enough, the square bathtub can add interesting visual dynamics to the bathroom. Compared with the ordinary rectangular bathtub, the square bathtub is more spacious and suitable for large families. The square bathtub is suitable for bathrooms of any sizes. It is a good way to use the corner space of the small bathroom. The design of the niche on the wall just provides a storage space for toiletries, which is very convenient.

3. Oval bathtubs

The classic shape of the oval bathtub is suitable for most styles of bathrooms. The soft rounded corner design provides users with a relaxing bathing experience and increases bathing comfort. In addition, the soft curve is safe for families with children.

4. Round bathtubs

Round bathtubs are very popular in Europe, but round bathtubs are not suitable for every bathroom, but if done well, it is the perfect choice for creating a family spa. A round bathtub is not a space-saving option, so it is not suitable for compact bathrooms. However, if the space is large enough, it can become a highlight of the bathroom, giving a noble visual effect. The round bathtub can also be equipped with spa jets to add a sense of luxury.

5. Rectangular bathtubs

Want to create a bathroom with a unique charm? Consider this kind of glass bathtub. The glass edge of the glass rectangular bathtub is almost completely invisible, creating an incredible phenomenon of suspended water, and here with simple white mosaic tiles as the background, the effect is immediate. Moreover, in a small bathroom, the glass does not form a hard visual boundary, and the eyes can directly pass through the wall, thereby enhancing the sense of space in the bathroom.

In daily life, the bathtubs we use for bathing are rectangular, round, oval, square, and boat-shaped bathtubs. What are the sizes of bathtubs? The size of the bathtub is not only related to the size of the space but also directly related to the functional design of the bathtub. Generally, the length of the bathtub ranges from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters, and the depth is between 50 cm and 70 cm. Bathtubs with a length of fewer than 1.5 meters are often deeper than ordinary bathtubs, about 70 cm in depth. This is often referred to as a bidet bathtub. Due to the small area of the bottom of the bathtub, this bathtub is easier to stand than ordinary bathtubs, saving space and not affecting the comfort of use.

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