How to Warm Up a Bathroom during Winter

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With winter just around the corner, it’s time to think about how to warm up a bathroom during the most frosty months of the year. There’s not a lot of things more daunting than using the bathroom during winter. Cold floors, cold toilet seats and post-shower chills can make you want to completely avoid your bathroom! Don’t worry – we’ve got 5 ways you can keep your bathroom feeling nice and warm, even on the coldest of days.

How to warm up a bathroom: 5 tips


Heated Toilet Seats

Everyone’s experienced the dreaded feeling of sitting down on an ice-cold toilet seat. The chill it sends through your body can be mind-numbing! It’s why heated toilet seats are some of the most commonly purchased bathroom accessories. Heated toilet seats are electrically powered and are easily installed on any existing toilet. You can also opt to combine your heated toilet seat with a bidet, which has additional warming functions for a truly pleasant experience in the winter.


Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks allow you to enjoy the loving, warm embrace that only a freshly heated towel can provide. Perfect after stepping out of a steamy shower, heated towel racks electrically heat towels to a comfortable temperature. Not only do they warm towels for you to use, but they can also dry them once you’re done. This is especially useful in winter where the sun may not be out for long enough to dry your towels.


Heated Flooring

If you want to truly learn how to warm up a bathroom, look no further than heated flooring. Heated flooring may be a little difficult to install. However, the luxury and comfort they provide is unrivalled – especially in the cold winter months. They’ll prevent your feet from feeling frozen and will also help keep your overall bathroom feeling nice and toasty. Heated flooring is also quite cost-effective, especially if you choose to use underfloor heating mats.


Bathroom Mats & Carpets

If you’re not planning to tear up your bathroom floor anytime soon – and let’s be realistic, not many of us are – then bathroom mats and carpets are great alternatives. High quality bathroom mats made out of wool and fleece can make getting out of the shower or bath a whole lot easier! Just be sure to wash them regularly to avoid bacteria, dirt or grime buildup!


Wide Windows

What better winter warmer is there than the sun itself? The sun isn’t out for long in winter, which is why it’s super important to make the most of its heat! Wide windows are perfect for this. The more sunlight your bathroom is able to get, the more naturally warm it’ll be. So be sure to draw your bathroom curtains in the morning and enjoy a naturally-powered warm bathroom!

Keep your bathroom nice and toasty with these 5 tips!

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be the most dreaded room in your house this winter. With these tips you’ll learn how to warm up a bathroom in no time! To get the products discussed in this article, head on to MyHomeware, Australia’s biggest range of high quality bathroom products today!

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