How to use the bathtub safely

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More and more families will install a bathtub in the bathroom, thinking that bathing can relieve fatigue and enjoy the warmth. Many people hope to have a large bathtub at home, when they are tired, they can lie in it and take a comfortable bath.

1. The pros and cons of the bathing

Bathing brings us not only relaxation, but of course, it is also good for our health, and it has many benefits for the body. Bathing can help to remove the dirt on the surface of the skin. In addition, the process of bathing can also add moisture to the skin to avoid the appearance of fine lines due to lack of water.

Bathing can make people completely relax, which is very helpful for improving the quality of sleep. Hot water can speed up the blood circulation of the body. It has a good relaxing and massage effect on the body muscles, which is helpful to drive away physical fatigue.

During bathing, the body is at a higher temperature, blood circulation is accelerated and more energy is consumed, which can help people lose weight. The bath can help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis, and osteoarthritis. The bath can also promote the ductility of collagen tissues, improve the mobility of joints, and so on.

But bathing also has its disadvantages. If the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the stimulation of the temperature on the body is strengthened, and the sympathetic nerve will play a role. Its role is to make the body and mind enter an excited state.

For people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, too high water temperature in bath is dangerous behavior.

With hot water flushing, the whole body’s capillaries expand, and a large amount of blood dilates the blood vessels on the body’s surface. The blood in important organs such as the heart and brain is relatively reduced, and accidents such as heart infarction may occur.

Waste of water and difficulty in cleaning are the shortcomings of bathing, especially you have to clean and disinfect the bathtub after each use, it is really troublesome. In addition, if the bath time is too long and the water temperature is not well controlled, it may cause symptoms of dizziness and chest tightness.

While enjoying a comfortable bath in the bathtub, we should ensure our personal safety and know the correct way to use the bathtub.

2. What should you pay attention to when using the bathtub

Point 1: Water depth
The water depth of the bathtub must be controlled. It is better to be below 42 cm. The bathtub with the water level above the heart position of the human body will cause danger, and a shallow bathtub is convenient for access.

Point 2: The curve should be wide

It’s better not to have too sharp curves in the bathtub so that people will be more stable when sitting inside.

Point 3: Watch out for children
If you bathe your child, keep your eyes on the child during the bath.

Point 4: prevent slipping
Bathtubs should be set with safe water levels to prevent slipping and drowning. Most bathtubs are made of acrylic material, which is easy to slip when encountering water, so the bathtub must be non-slip, especially the bottom of the bathtub must be anti-skid.

Point 5: Install the pole
Remember to install a pole for the bathtub, because it is the easiest to slip when entering and leaving the bathtub and getting up from the bathtub. Therefore, there must be a pole around the bathtub.

Point 6: No shelf above
There should be no shelves above the bathtub. Not to mention that when taking a bath, the things on the shelf suddenly fall and hit people, causing injury; even when we are taking things on the shelf, we accidentally drop things and hit the bathtub. It causes physical damage to the bathtub, and it may be an irreparable crack.

Although bathing in the bathtub is comfortable and pleasant, it is necessary to ensure our personal safety. A bathroom is always a place where safety hazards are more likely to occur. We should be aware of these safety hazards. We need to be responsible for the lives of ourselves and our families.

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