What Are Essential Oil Diffusers and How to Use Them?

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Have you noticed the good-smelling mist that permeates offices and homes you have visited? If you are wondering why this aromatic mist is present everywhere, from offices to homes, the answer is simply because people use a diffuser for this essential oil smell. In this article, we will discuss what an essential oil diffuser is and the benefits of using it, and provide steps to use it. We will also tell you how to clean it. So read on for all the information you need on how to use essential oil diffusers!

how to use essential oil diffuser

What is a Diffuser & How does a Diffuser Work

The staple fragrant mist is actually brought by essential oil diffusers. But what exactly is a diffuser, and what is a diffuser used for? How do oil diffusers work? These small electrical devices are like humidifiers as they also help in humidifying a room, but more than this, they help release essential oils into the air as a delicate vapor by breaking down their molecular components, so people can inhale the soothing and calming scents of various oils like those from Lavender and Lemon. Let’s take a look below at many of its benefits.

  • Enhance the atmosphere

The various soothing smells like those of rose, lemon, orange, bergamot, and lavender help in creating a relaxing atmosphere or ambiance for whoever inhale them, the very same reason why many establishments and home uses essential oil diffusers in their offices, living rooms, and bathrooms.

  • Act as a mood booster

A lot of disinformation is being spread about essential oils, but their characteristic of being a mood booster is not false. Several studies have been conducted proving that essential oils like lemon can lift somebody’s mood.

  • It is also a humidifier

Many aromatherapists use essential oil diffusers not only because of the scent but also because it helps introduce wonderful-smelling moisture into the air, making them ideal for use in dry, air-conditioned rooms or when you do not feel well.

  • Do not require flame

You may know how to use essential oil burners. In a sense, modern oil diffusers are like essential oil burners. But one main difference is that oil diffusers can diffuse the wonderful scents of different plants and roses without the use of flame. And this is one of the great reasons why they’re more and more popular today.  

How to Use Essential Oil Diffuser (with Clear Steps)

how to use a diffuser

So how to use diffusers? How to use essential oils to scent a room? If you want to make your room more humid and smell like lemon, rose, lavender, etc., follow these steps:

  • Find the perfect spot

Essential oil diffusers are electrical products, so they should be located in a spot near a wall outlet. Now, regardless of where you put it, it is also necessary that you place it at a minimum height of two feet above the floor. This is to ensure moisture distribution.

  • Fill up the tank

A diffuser does not only run-on essential oils, you also need water to achieve that scented mist. Check the packaging to see how much water is recommended. If you can’t find it, look for the marked line in the diffuser. Do this routinely using filtered water.

  • Drop the oil

This is the most exciting step. Open the lid of your chosen essential oil, then drop some. Now, many are asking how many drops of essential oil in diffuser are allowed; the answer is it depends on you. Typically, the drops should be between three and fifteen for diffusers with 100ml capacity.

  • Tweak and adjust the diffuser

Modern diffusers have a lot of features. These features can be tweaked to your preference. It may take some time, but do not be afraid to explore your essential oil diffuser. You can also revisit the guide that came along with it to look for its various functionalities.

Safety Considerations

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Here are some of the safety considerations you should take note of when using an essential oil diffuser.

  • Don’t Diffuse too Long

The diffusion time is dependent on the oil, space of the room, and diffusion output. In general, diffusing sessions should only last for 30-60 minutes unless you use high-quality diffusers. This time range can be shortened to 20-30 minutes for stronger oils such as Eucalyptus.

  • Don’t Use Overnight

It is not recommended to diffuse essential oil overnight, but using a diffuser with plain water is acceptable. At this point, it can be used as a humidifier or night light, but you need to make sure it has a large enough reservoir to continue to diffuse for that long.

Consider the Pets and Children

Pets and children can also smell the scent of essential oil diffusers like the cocorrina reed diffuser from MyHomeware which has different base, mid and top scents for different audiences. But you should be considerate of them since they are more sensitive to scents, so you should limit the diffusing sessions to 20-30 minutes only.

Choose the Right Essential Oil

Despite being natural, essential oils can be overwhelming. So, you should be careful when choosing what to use. If you have allergies to certain plants, flowers, or oils, you should avoid the oil corresponding and related to them. If you are on medication, you should also ask medical professionals familiar with essential oils whether you can use them. Extra precautions should also be taken by those who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

How to Clean the Diffuser?

The way to clean a diffuser is not the same for all; hence, always follow the booklet that came with it. But in the instance that you cannot find the booklet, you can follow these general steps.

  • Turn off the diffuser and unplug it.
  • Empty your essential oil diffuser of any water.
  • Wipe and rinse the water reservoir to remove the essential oil left in it, and the residue can be removed with a cotton ball dampened with alcohol or vinegar. It is not recommended to use conventional cleaners when cleaning an essential oil diffuser.
  • Air dry the diffuser.


Essential oil diffusers are a great way to make your home or office comfortable. Adding that scented mist to the surrounding ilk surely makes an ambiance that is good for everyone’s mood. And if you are not sure where to buy yours, you can look to MyHomeware’s vast collection of essential oil diffusers

FAQs about Essential Oil Diffusers

How to Use Essential Oils without a Diffuser?

Although many believe a diffuser is necessary for optimal oil intake, there are other ways too. You can use an essential oil burner but please be careful of the flame. Inhaling directly from the bottle can also provide the same calming effects without having to own a diffuser. Alternatively, you can have your own ‘DIY’ diffuser by adding a few drops of essential oils onto coffee filters and then setting them around your home for subtle but relaxing aromas all day long.

What is the Best Essential Oil Diffuser?

The best essential oil diffuser is different for each person, as people have different preferences. But some of the bests are MyHomeware’s essential oil diffusers. Its scent can be diffused to last 8-12 weeks, creating the perfect atmosphere in your home. MyHomeware has a big collection of diffusers along with different kinds of essential oils that will set the perfect mood for your home. So don’t forget to check them when you need an essential oil diffuser.

Can You Add Essential Oils in Humidifier?

No, a standard humidifier cannot be used as a diffuser. Adding essential oils to a humidifier’s water can cause the filter to break and fail since the oil will only be trapped by it. Thus, you should not drop essential oils into it. Use essential oil diffusers or other ways instead to get the essential oil scents and their benefits.

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