How to Use a Bidet and What are its Pros and Cons?

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When it comes to maintaining hygiene after using the toilet, nothing beats a personal toilet bidet. Although a bidet is not something to be seen in every bathroom, it still holds significant importance. But do you know how to use a bidet? Do not worry if you know nothing about a bit. We are writing this article just to make you aware of what a bidet is and how it works, so keep reading.

What is a Bidet Used for and How Does a Bidet Work?

how to use a bidet

A bidet is a bathroom fixture that most commonly sits next to a commode. It is used to clean your private parts just after using the toilet. Traditional bidets are standalone, while some come as an attachment that you can fix on the top of your toilet seat. They look similar to a washbasin but have a different role so, how do you use a bidet? Bidets equip a faucet that throws a vertical or an angled stream of water to clean your nether region. To clean yourself, you need to either sit, stand, or squat on a bidet so that the water stream touches exactly where it is meant to. Compared to tissue papers, a domestic bidet offers more convenience and hygiene while cleaning down there.

Pros And Cons Of Using a Bidet?

Before getting a bidet, it is much better to know its pros and cons so that you don’t regret later, purchasing it.

The Pros

Bidets have the following advantages.

  1. Superior Cleaning: Tissue paper is not the most hygienic way to clean oneself after using the toilet seat. Tissues smear fecal matter and fail to provide optimal cleaning, while bidets use a stream of water to clean your genitals with a thorough cleaning.
  2. Environment Friendly: If you use a bidet, then it means that you have stopped the paper-based cleaning. Toilet paper is not environmentally friendly because it uses trees and water as raw materials. So, using a bidet is eco-friendly because it makes you stop buying toilet paper.
  3. Good for People Having Ailments: Toilet paper is unideal for people with hemorrhoids. Contrary to toilet paper, a bidet provides gentler cleaning of your private region. People having arthritis or mobility issues in the lower back can also get pain-free cleaning.

The Cons

You can read the following bidet disadvantages.

  1. Bidets Need Space: If you have a small bathroom then installing a bidet can make it even smaller. However, compact bidets are also available, and you can go with bidet seats or handheld bidet spray kits if space is a problem.
  2. Takes Time To Learn Its Usage: While using a bidet for the first time, you may feel it somewhat difficult to use.
  3. Doesn’t Pat Dry Or Wipe Your Bottom: The bidet cleans your bottom with a stream of water but does not pat dry or wipe it. Your private parts remain wet until you wipe them dry with a clean towel. Wetness in that area provides a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

How to Use Different Types of Bidets?

Bidets come in several configurations, so every variant has its way of usage. We are providing a general guide below to use different types of bidets. These tips are also applicable if you are looking for info on how to use a bidet as a woman.

Traditional Bidet

For traditional bidets, you can follow the steps below to use it for comfort:

  • Sit on the bidet and face its faucet.
  • Now open the tap and let the water flow.
  • Guide the horizontal water stream to your bottom by adjusting the water pressure.
  • Wait a few seconds to get a perfect cleaning, then wipe immediately afterward.

Hand Held Bidet

How to properly use a hand held bidet? Hand-held bidets look like shower extensions that you can hold in your hands. Such bidets are the easiest to use because they let you direct the water exactly where you want.

  • After elimination, grab the bidet shower and place it in front of your lower body.
  • Now open the jets and let the water go from the front to the rear of your bottom.
  • Keep the jets open for a few seconds or until you get satisfied with the cleaning process. However, this should not take more than a few seconds.
kind of bidet

Built-in Bidets And Attachment Bidets

Below you can find steps on how to use a bidet that comes as a toilet seat attachment.

  • Position yourself on the toilet seat without standing or twisting when you want to clean.
  • Let the water stream clean your bottom for a few seconds.
  • Bidets that come as an attachment may give several features to choose from. These features may include a choice of hot or cold water, pressure control, and auto-spray of deodorants.


Bidets have been around for a long time but are still not very common. People sometimes think that it is a washbasin. That’s why they fail to validate its purpose. Personal bidets maintain hygiene and avoid infections related to bodily waste. Buying one is super worth it when you know how to use a bidet. Even though whether to get it is a matter of personal choice, decide whether you need and want to try it yourself and don’t just go by old thinking from others.

FAQs about How to Use a Bidet

Do I Need to Wipe After Using a Bidet?

Yes, it’s important to always wipe after using a bidet. Some may think that the water from the bidet alone is enough, but it’s not strong enough for a thorough cleaning. To ensure proper hygiene and sanitation, use a towel or other tools afterward. Keep the nether region dry to avoid microbial growth. Additionally, wiping can help prevent any irritation caused by the pressure of the water stream on sensitive areas.

Are Public Bidets Safe to Use?

No! Bidets found in hotels or public toilets may not be 100% clean. Many people use the same toilet, so we cannot guarantee you whether these bidets are hygienic use. Using an unclean bidet can lead to various infections.

How Much Does a Bidet Cost?

Depending on the type of bidet, it may cost anywhere between $50 to $1000. Smart bidets are expensive because they provide more features, while handheld spay kits are cheaper. Check out Myhomeware’s various bidets, you can find many high-quality but affordable bidets to meet your needs.

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