How To Remove Stains From A Stone Benchtop

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Sometimes life just happens, and disasters occur like your gorgeous stone benchtop getting stained. How do you get it out? Do not panic, in this article, we will reveal some secrets on how to remove stains from stone benchtops so you can recover its beautiful finish.

How To Remove Stains From A Stone Benchtop: The Methods

There are many cost effective, easily sourced and generic household products that people have suggested, even by those who manufacture benchtops. Let us go through what actually works and is safe to use.

Stone Benchtop Stain Remover

These stone benchtop cleaners are made specifically for stone benchtops. They are safe to use without risking any dulling or tarnishing of your benchtop stone surface. If you have difficulty removing a stain, this will be your best option. We highly recommend reading the instructions carefully before use, as different stain removers have different ingredients and methods of use. 

Mild Detergent Cleaning Solution


Fill up a spray bottle with detergent and warm water for an easy-to-make cleaning solution

Another way to remove stains from stone benchtops is by making your own warm soapy water. Mix some warm water with soap or dish detergent together. You can then either put the solution into a spray bottle and spray it onto the stain, or apply some to a soft cloth and wipe down your benchtop where the stains are. Try applying and wiping down tough stains multiple times using this same method if it does not work the first time.

Use A Plastic Scraper Or Spatula To Help

For non-liquid stains that stick onto your natural stone benchtop, try using a plastic scraper or spatula to help agitate and free them. Using this tool combined with the previous two methods is the best for removing food solids or liquids which have dried up.

What Not To Do

So now that we have gone through how to remove stains from stone benchtop safely, let us talk about what to avoid. 

Scourers and Abrasive Sponges


Leave the scourers for your dishes

It may be tempting to use the help of something heavy-duty to get tough stains off, but never, under any circumstances, use steel wool or a scratch-free labelled kitchen scourer to remove stains. This also includes magic erasers, which remove stains by being highly abrasive. Using these will scratch and ruin the surface of your benchtop, and will be very noticeable on benchtops with a high sheen finish.

Harsh Chemicals and Acidic Stain Removers

Although common household cleaners like glass cleaner and nail polish remover seem like an easy solution to your stain problems, they cause damage to your bathroom or kitchen benchtop. Baking soda and cream cleansers like ‘Jif’ are also not suitable, even in small amounts as they will damage the finish of your stone surface. In that same sense, liquids like vinegar which are acidic will eat away at the finish of your benchtop. 

Avoiding Stains And Managing Your Stone Benchtop

Some general tips for stone care include immediately wiping up any spills with a paper towel or cleaning cloth. This will ensure that even difficult stains will be easier to clean with other products, and reduces the chance of permanent damage, and we recommend you to take very special care when handling curries, beetroot, and pasta sauce on your benchtop. These foods have colour pigments such as lycopene which is hydrophobic (repels water) and is difficult to remove.

Remove Stains From Your Stone Benchtop And Get It Back To Tip Top Shape!


Bring back the sparkle of your bathroom with a clean benchtop

Use the methods we listed above for how to remove stains from stone benchtops and restore the shine of your beautiful stone benchtop. For more articles and tips for your kitchen and bathroom, visit the MyHomeware blog today!

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