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Scented soy candles are a popular health and wellness item because it is believed that the pleasant odor coming from the candles provides relaxation and sets up the atmosphere. In addition, they also make an excellent present because it emits a sense of thoughtfulness, especially if it’s handmade. Either way making candles with soy wax is relaxing and a great use of your time. But the question still remains:how to make soy candles? If you are interested in how to make soy candles at home, then in this blog, I will share with you a step-by-step tutorial on the techniques for creating scented candles according to your preferences. So without any further ado, let’s get right into today’s blog about soy candle making instructions…

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Supplies You’ll Need

Below is the soy candle making kit you will need to make soy wax candles:


  • Of course, the star of the project is soy wax
  • Candle wicks – you can choose either a cotton wick or a wood wick, depending on your preferences
  • Mason jars – it is recommended that the mason jars should come along with a lid in order for you to preserve them whenever it is not in use
  • Essential oils – this compound is used to add fragrance to soy wax candles. The essential oil you will use relies on the scent you want your candles to emit


  • Meat thermometer – this is to ensure that the candles won’t breakdown as a result of too much heat
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fork
  • A large transparent measuring cup. In addition, the cups need to be microwave-safe in order for them not to break when they’re heated up inside the microwave
  • One tablespoon measuring spoon
  • Wax dye of your preference
  • Microwave
  • Wick holders – these items are usually made of metal and come with a candle-wicking package. But if there are none, you can always improvise and use a pencil instead to straighten up the wicks as you pour in the hot soy wax

How to Make Soy Candles

How to make candles from scratch is relatively straightforward, even if it’s a scented variety. However, it does require you to be patient and mindful as you finish the DIY project. Either way, the following are the basics of how to make soy candles for beginners:

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Step 1: Preparation Stage – Soy Wax Measurement

The initial stages to make scented soy candles involve the preparation of four cups of soy wax into a small measuring container. You will notice that it will reduce to two cups as soon it melts down afterward.

Step 2: Melt the Soy Wax

Once the cups of soy wax are prepared, put them inside the microwave one at a time. Each heating session should start at a one-minute interval. After one minute, stir them thoroughly and put them back inside the microwave for another 30 minutes.

Step 3: Check the Temperature

Checking the temperature is an important aspect, especially if you’re planning to mix it with fragrances. The ideal temperature should be about 175 degrees.

Step 4: Add Wax Dye

The next step is to add the wax dye, you can buy colored wax flakes, all you have to do is put them in the soy wax cup and they start melting/dissolving immediately. Then stir them until no specks of color remain, the choice of color is entirely up to your liking. If there are still spots after a minute or so, put the wax back in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir again. But don’t forget if you do this, make sure your wax is back in the 175-185 degree range when adding the essential oils in the next step.

Step 5: Add Essential Oils

Now we go to the part about how to make scented candles with essential oils. Again, this part is fairly easy:all you need is to fuse the 2 cups of melted wax and 3 tablespoons of essential oils. Also, the essential oil depends on the scent you like. Afterward, allow them to cool off until they form a cloudy consistency before you pour them into a container and you wick them.

Step 6: Prepare and Secure the Wick

While you wait for the soybean oil to cool, you can prepare the glass jar and candle wick. Place the end of the wick in the middle bottom of the mason jar. Then fix it with a glue gun.

Step 7: Pour the Mixture into the Mason Jar

Carefully pour in the essential oil and melted soy wax mixture inside the Mason Jar(s). Also, there should be an allowance of ¼ inch from the edges of the jars so you are able to close the lids whenever they are not in use and preserve their usefulness for long periods.

Step 8: Allow the Hot Soy Wax to Cool Down

If you are planning to add decorations to make the candles extra special, so to speak, allow them to cool down for a few hours first and foremost. The cooling down also depends on the size of the Mason jars:the larger the containers are, the longer it needs to cool down.

Step 9: Final Pour and Decoration

If you notice any holes on the top surface of the candle, you can make a final pour by putting them back in the microwave for 30 minutes. Add another layer of wax to fill in the holes. For simple decoration, you can add flower petals, cloves, fruit peels, or sprinkle nuts to make it more stylish, so to speak.

Step 10: Trim the Candle Wick

And then, trim the candle wick to the desired measurement.

Step 11: Curing Process

The last step is to allow the candles to cure before you use them. The curing process usually takes about 3 to 5 days.

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How to make scented soy candles seem to be a difficult task at first sight, but actually it is relatively simple, though it needs patience and attention to detail on your part. However, if you don’t have time to make one and want to change a mood anytime you like, you can always buy from credible sites that offer premium handmade candles, such as those great scented candles offered under MyHomeware’s site. Anyway, candles can play a great role in helping you relax and improve your home atmosphere. Enjoy them!

FAQ About How to Make Soy Candles

Below are the common queries that many have about the subject matter of how to make soy wax candles at home:

Can I Add Essential Oils to the Soy Candles?

Yes. You can add essential oils with different scents to your soy candles. Some of the most common essential oil smells are lemon, lavender & bergamot which have many benefits like helping people keep peace of mind. Surely you can add any other essential oils to your personal preference.

Is It Cheaper to Make Soy Candles at Home?

According to a study, making scented soy candles at home can save you around 62% if you buy more than 5 candles a year. Also, you can have a lot more fun if you’re one who likes DIY, but it may take more time to do it yourself and your candles may smell odd if you’re not good at it. So it may be also a good way to buy quality natural scented candles you like if you just use them from time to time.

Why Can’t I Smell My Soy Candles?

First, your candles may not burn long enough which may need about 2 hours for some scents like aroma.
Then, this problem may be due to the temperature when you add fragrance being too high, which has dissolved the compound. Make sure that you maintain it to a temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

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