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Scented Candles light up your mood in strenuous times. They are such a beautiful gift that is similar to the touch of personally prepared bath salts. It acts as a special kind of candle that spreads joy. The candles make the aura cheerful and happy. Scented candles provide a very earthy smell, you can prepare one yourself with the help of a small scented candle kit comprising medicinal-essential oils, a wick, and a boiler pot. It is fairly easy to make and helps keep your interiors beautiful, imagine a dimly lit room and a scented candle placed on your study table, and you’re seating by the side with a book in your lap, it will look wondrous. Below we’ll tell you the specific steps on how to make scented candles at home.

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Items Required To Make Scented Candles

Here is the thing, you can make a scented candle at your home without going to the market for more supplies. Simply buy a candle making kit that provides all candle making supplies needed to make your ideal candle. For oil, you can use your own oils that way you can choose what type of fragrance and property you want with the candle burning.

  • Candle Wax: Use Soy-based wax, it is a great green alternative to form a candle. Soy burns clean and it does not pollute the environment much akin to other alternatives. It has a no-fragrant smell which helps the natural oils to smell better.
  • Boiler Pot: You need a boiler pot to boil the entire thing before hardening the wax.
  • Jar: You will require a heat-resistant jar that is capable to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Wick: For wicks use leftover chopsticks from home that usually comes with takeouts or use discarded pencils to center it. You can also use a wick made up of flax, hemp, or sunflower seeds but that can cost a lot, but it burns cleaner.
  • Essential oils: For scented oils, use lavender, eucalyptus even aloe vera for that matter, these oils act as a medicinal agent along with having a fragrance.

Easy Steps To Make A Scented Candle To Beautify Your Home

Step1: Look For A Sturdy Container

You will require a hardened container that can withstand harsh temperatures. You will be melting the wax, and a glass mason jar that can provide a transparent view of the state of the wax is a great option. Before using the jar make sure all the dust in it is clean. Glass Jars that can enable this process has to be far more costly when compared to a normal scented candle. It would be wise for you to clear out the wax from the container that you earlier used, and then make molten wax again in the same container.

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Step 2: Preheat Your Container

You need to preheat your container. Keep the wax in your oven or microwave and set the lowest temperature heating possible. Let the container dry out and become moistureless. This way you ensure that there is no way water can mix with wax which will also alter the consistency of the wax and make it stand as a sturdy item.

Step 3: Get Your Wick In Place

You will need to center your wick before pouring in all the wax pieces and use chopsticks and pencils as centering items for the wick. First, get a small metal piece like a small screw plate and attach that with hard glue then get the base of the wick glued to the top of the metal piece. Make sure that the wick passes through between the spaces acquired by the two chopsticks. Tie both ends of the chopsticks to have better balance.

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Step 4: Melt Your Wax

Now you would be required to melt your entire wax. Have containers as per the amount of wax you have. If you want 3-4 candles have 3-4 containers in place along with the wicks attached. Now if you have a boiler well and good or you can heat the wax by also placing it in a bowl using low-flame cooking gas. A caution here, there is a chance of your bowl base turning black. Or you can even use a saucepan filled with boiling water, cover it   Take a lot of wax, and melt it.

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Add Your Oils And Color Source

After you have done melting, you need to add in the essential oils to make your candle scents. You can use oils according to your convenience. It should be 90-100 drops of different oils in the same ratios. If you want to have the candle laden with medicinal properties, pour lavender, eucalyptus, and Aloe Vera organic oils. With oils, you can also use natural coloring methods by extracting color off of peels, and veggie coating. The best natural color can be attained by boiling crushed orange peels and discarding the white matter. Using the leftover boiled juice to mix it with the wax. Make sure the juice is warm and has thickness.

Pour All The Wax Into The Container

You can take out all the wax from the heated bowl and pour it into the mason jar. And let the chopsticks remain stable when holding the wick. Now you need to wait for the melted candle to harden. Keep it in a naturally cooling place, it can take several hours for it to harden and solidify. Once the wax is completely solidified and hardened cut the wick to half an inch from the wax.


As you can see the process to make a scented candle is not that hard, and you can surely try them at home even though you can easily buy scented candles in Australia just like those excellent ones from MyHomeware. However, a DIY candle may mean more to your family and your mood. So try following this recipe from top to toe in your spare time to make a scented candle, and you will introduce a glamor of enjoyment to your home without worrying about any kind of pollutants in your home.

FAQ about How to Make Scented Candles

How Do You Make a Strong-smelling Scented Candle?

You need to keep your wick half an inch long so that the flame you burn is minimal, and the candle burns slowly letting the candle scents spread out without getting completely burnt.

What Are the Ingredients of Scented Candles?

Ingredients are far more common to get in the market. The basics are wax, wick, oil, orange extract for color, and a mason jar.

Why Do My Homemade Candles Not Smell?

There can be multiple reasons for this to happen. There can be an overload of additives and artificial coloring that traps the natural scent and its aerosols further not letting it burn properly. Incorrect wick length is another potential issue that can let the candle burn quickly evaporating the smell very fast.

How to Make Small Scented Candles?

Use small glass containers that are made of hard glass (one that is used in cars) to make small scented candles. Add in the wax laden with oils and wick and let it set.

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