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The family’s safety is a priority. Therefore, making the home as durable as possible is of utter importance. And one of the ways you can accomplish the tasks is by fortifying the foundation through hybrid flooring installation. But you may ask—how to lay hybrid flooring? Today, you will learn how to install hybrid flooring and improve your home safety. So without further delays, let’s begin…

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Steps to Install Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring or laminate floor installation is to combine two types of flooring to form a more durable and reliable foundation. Laying the hybrid flooring expansion gap is also necessary to put your mind at ease to avoid the accumulation of dirt and other stubborn compounds. Next, we’ll tell the specific steps to successfully lay your hybrid flooring in different areas or foundations.

How to Lay Hybrid Flooring on concrete

Most rooms have a concrete foundation which is strong and very reliable. But they can be challenging to maintain, and they’re not the most stylish. However, laminated flooring can change all of that. For laying hybrid flooring on concrete, follow the steps below—

  • Gather the essential tools like measuring tape, pry bar, pencil, tapping block, crosscut power saw, mallet, tape measure, and other materials needed to complete the project
  • Assess and measure the area where you are going to install the hybrid flooring in order for you to determine the number of laminated planks
  • After you have measured the area, clean the floors and make any repairs on the surface whenever needed
  • Apply underlays or adhesive if necessary to fully adhere them to the concrete
  • Put together the laminated planks carefully, especially if an adhesive is applied
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How to Lay Hybrid Flooring over Tiles

The process of laying hybrid flooring can be made on any different type of pre-existing foundation. For tiles, below are the basic steps you have to follow to lay hybrid flooring—

  • First and foremost, select the best laminate flooring that matches the skirts, trims, and scotia of the room
  • Stagger the boards in order for you to ensure that the laminated floors are leveled. In addition, the staggered allowance should be at least 20cm, and it must not exceed 30cm so that there would be no unwanted excess
  • Check the clearances in the door frames and ensure that they will not intervene whenever you move the door
  • The direction of the laminate flooring is arbitrary. But it is recommended that if it has a lined design, the edges of the line should be perpendicular to the window to make it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Since tiles can be slippery, especially when exposed to humidity, it is suggested that you opt for hybrid flooring with some sort of locking feature or high friction rate

How to Lay Hybrid Flooring around Doors

A tricky part of the procedure is laying the hybrid flooring around the doors. You have to precisely measure the small corners in order for the door not to intervene with it when it is moving. To properly install the hybrid flooring, below are the steps you have to follow—

  • Very step you have to take is to trim the door jamb to put an allowance when you install the laminate flooring
  • Measure the edges and mark them on the floor and on the planks
  • Cut the hybrid flooring planks accordingly
  • Install the hybrid flooring

Installing Hybrid Flooring on Stairs

The stairs are relatively easy to install in comparison to the edges of a door. Below is the right way to install the hybrid flooring—

  • Place the planks on the stairway and trim them. Use one plank to cut the other pieces of laminated flooring
  • Put adhesive and place the laminated flooring on each of the stairways
  • Allow them to cure for at least an hour
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Tips for Laying Hybrid Flooring

The following are additional tips to make the hybrid flooring installation successful—

·Always clean the surface of the flooring foundation before you install the flooring

·Check for signs of moisture on the floor. The humidity level in the room should be between 30% to 70% during the installation

·See if there are any leaks coming from the furniture and fixtures in the room where the hybrid flooring is situated.

·The subfloor should be leveled accordingly.

·Apply adhesive whenever necessary. Glue is especially needed if you are laying over concrete

·If an adhesive is applied, allow the glue to cure and dry before you permit foot traffic on the hybrid flooring


Hybrid flooring is perfect for maintaining the integrity of the flooring of your home. As you see—the process of how to lay hybrid flooring is not very difficult. However, it needs due diligence in order for you to install them properly and make them last longer. Use the methods provided in this article to install the most desirable hybrid flooring.

FAQ about How to Lay Hybrid Flooring

Below are the additional questions that many homeowners have about the topic of how to lay hybrid flooring—

Can Hybrid Flooring be Laid Over Tiles?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if it’s concrete or tile. You can pretty much install hybrid flooring on any foundation. The number one rule you have to bear in mind, though, is that you have to ensure that the ground is properly leveled, so no gaps are showing and prevent any mishaps in the future.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Hybrid Flooring?

It depends on where you are, who to do it, and how much area to install. In Australia and other oceanic regions, the hybrid flooring installation can cost you anywhere from $25 per square meter to a maximum of $40 per square meter if you ask for professional help.

How to Care for Your Hybrid Flooring?

First and foremost, you need to mop the flooring lightly and avoid abrasive cleaning agents.
Second, you also have to ensure that you properly dry them in order for moisture not to sip into the gaps that could destroy the integrity of your laminate flooring. A good floor drain can also help keep the floor dry. 
Third, regularly checking and maintaining them is also very important.

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