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Ever had that day where every part of your being just feels so tired that not even ice cream therapy can help? Yes, we all get those kinds of days. Then nothing beats a nice hot bath after a long and tiring day. To relax in the bathtub is like healing your entire being from the wears and tears throughout the day. All these things sound so enticing, but you’re worried that you’re not doing it right to make it a worthwhile experience. Push all those worries out of your mind and read this article to know foolproof ways on how to have a relaxing bath.

foolproof ways to have a relaxing bath

Preparation Before Taking a Relaxing Bath

The most essential setting that you must prepare for a bath is, of course, your bathroom. This section provides you with everything that you need to prepare before getting into that most awaited bubble bath for hot tub.

Clean Up

clean up

To have a great bathing experience, the first step is to prepare your bathtub. Then, how to prepare bathtub? Wipe off the grime from your bathtub and pick up some stray hair while doing so. You may also want to declutter empty shampoo bottles and arrange bath towels as they obstruct your purpose of having a relaxing bath.

Set the Mood

set the mood

Just like how you turn off the lights and find the comfiest blanket for a night of Netflix, setting the mood is also one of the essentials for bath. Listed in this part are the things that you could prepare to create your desired atmosphere for a relaxing bath soak.

  •  Music – soft instrumentals can be relaxing bath music to have a great experience
  •  Candles – we recommend Cocorrina’s candles from MyHomeware to make your bathroom smell marvelous.
  •  Essential oils, bath salts, bubble baths, or bath bombs – they stimulate your senses, relieve sore muscles and deeper stress
  •  Decorations – you can use the classic rose petals or any flowers that would add more color to your experience.

Things You Can Do to Relax in the Bathtub

Now that you’re done preparing everything to relax in the bathtub, it’s time to finally unwind. The following are some instructions on how to have a relaxing bubble bath. 

things to do in the bath

Pay Attention to Your Body

Aside from relieving stress, being in a bath is also grooming yourself, and going an extra mile for it can do wonders.

Shower Gels/ Body Wash

Shower gels and body wash are great ways to pay extra attention to your body and take extra care of it. They are in liquid formulations and contain moisturizers, so they are less drying than regular soaps. They also help create an additional barrier for your skin as they infuse water and other oils. Using it as part of your bath regimen can be greatly rewarding.

Body Scrubs

After removing initial dirt from your body, you can use body scrubs to make your skin soft and smooth. Body scrubs exfoliate dead skin cells that would make your body look dull and unhealthy. They also smell divine so it’s a win-win.

Facial Masks

While still in your tub, the steam from your bathwater opens up your pores and this is the best time to apply facial masks. There are different types of facial masks, and it doesn’t really matter what kind you put on because they all have great benefits to your face such as moisture. Whether it’s store-bought or handmade, lying in the bathtub with a facial mask on will do wonders for your skin. In addition to that, you can also put the classic cucumber slices on your eyes and relax in the bathtub.

Some Leisure Activities in the Bathtub

Other than taking care of your body, here is a list of things you can do in the bathtub:

Read a book/ magazine

Who says you can’t bring your favorite book or Kindle to a bath? Reading is also a form of relaxation as it allows you to access your thoughts and bring you to another world. So you’re not just soothing your body but also your mind which is a great practice for taking care of your mental health. Just make sure to have a bath caddy or a table and a towel nearby so the pages won’t get soaked in bathwater.

Drink wine

Don’t we all see this in movies and in magazines where a lady is having a glass of wine in the bathtub? Drinking red wine in a bath would not only feel luxurious but is also beneficial. In general, it lowers high blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart problems, and it also improves your skin’s health. This means that you’re also taking care of your body from the inside. Or you can just go with champagne if you feel like it. So grab that bottle you save for special occasions and treat yourself.

Bring in some snacks

Sometimes we do get hungry when we have nothing to do and just relax. So it’s a great idea to bring in some very light snacks along in the bath – even better if you join it with wine. If you’re feeling very fancy, you can assemble a mini charcuterie board. Or you can go simple and just gather up some crackers, pretzels, or ice cream! You can always just go with what you are craving the most or explore what would taste good.

Use a meditation app

Who says meditation can only be done on the mat? Of course, the bathtub is also one great place to meditate. Just like the other leisure activities, when you meditate in the bath you are taking care of both your body and your mind. So open up that meditation app or video and use the time in the bathtub to clear your mind of all your worries.


Taking a bath is self-care. Taking a long one is de-stressing. Learning how to have a relaxing bath can really help you in the long run. It may seem complicated if you read it the first time. However, if you finally decide to go through all the steps from start to finish, you would find that your mind will be centered and your worries ease. We hope that this article would inspire you to take care of yourself more and experience a luxurious bath every now and then.

FAQ About How to Have a Relaxing Bath

Can a bath give me a good night sleep?

Yes, a bath can help you sleep better in many ways. The warmth of a bath increases blood flow, which ultimately soothes sore muscles. It also cools down your body’s temperature, which signals your body that it is now time for bed.

How long should a relaxing bath be?

A bath should only be taken within 15-30 minutes. A good indication that you’ve stayed long enough is the pruney finger. Staying too long soaked in a bath would dry out your skin. To avoid this, you must have something to drink to keep you hydrated. If you took extra minutes, make sure to moisturize your skin immediately after getting out.

What can I put in my bath to calm anxiety?

As mentioned above, essential oils are an important addition to your bath to help reduce stress and tension. To calm anxiety, the best essential oil to add to the bath would be the lavender essential oil. Numerous studies have shown that lavender acts as a mild sedative that would stabilize your mood. This would relieve restlessness and also improve your sleep.

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