How to Hang Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

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Bath mirror can be said to be one of the indispensable parts of bathroom space. A clear and bright bath mirror can bring a good mood to people’s dressing after bathing. Toilets are places where people go in and out countless times a day. This is a must-go place in life. People can use mirrors to make up and confirm their appearance and dress.

Bathroom vanity mirrors vary in style and size. Most of the time, people pay attention to whether the mirror is coordinated with the whole bathroom space area.

People should choose the appropriate mirror according to the actual situation when choosing. Common bathroom vanity mirrors in the market are 50-60 cm in height. The thickness is about 8 mm. If it is lower than this thickness, it is thin and will burst or break.

In the process of decoration, how should bathroom vanity mirrors be installed?

What are the installation steps?

You can follow this article to understand.

Before installing, you must consider the height of the bath mirror installation. According to normal circumstances, the installation height of the toilet bath mirror should be at least 1.3 meters from the ground. If there is a big difference in height among family members. You can adjust the installation height according to the actual situation.

One principle is to keep one’s face in the middle of the mirror as far as possible. It is best to keep the center of the mirror at a distance of 1.6 meters to 1.65 meters from the ground.

Then you have to consider what is the installation method of the bath mirror. You must first measure the distance between the hooks behind the mirror. Then mark the wall. You can punch a hole in the mark.

If it is a ceramic tile wall surface, you must first drill the ceramic tile through with a drill bit. You punch the hole and then put it into the plastic expansion pipe. You screw on the 3CM self-tapping screw. You leave a position of about 0.5 CM outside. You just hang up the mirror.

In order to increase the stability of the cosmetic mirror and minimize the damage to the wall surface. You can lay a lining between the mirror and the wall. Plywood can be used for this lining. The thickness of the board is about 5 mm. The lining board can be connected with the wall ribs with small iron nails and then fixed on the wall surface.

If you use the nailing method to install. You need to use screws to hang the mirror on the wall first. In this way, the back of the mirror must be drilled with a glass drill in advance. The position of the opening shall be consistent with the fixing position of the wall screw. If there is a difference, it will not be installed.

When opening holes on the back of the mirror, you need to pay attention to the distributed positions of the holes. These holes must not be close to the edge. It is easy to cause the mirror surface to crack.

If the installation method of hanging the mirror is adopted. You must use neutral glass glue to stick it. The compatibility test should be done in advance when smearing. Then you can observe whether the glass glue is miscible with the material of the mirror. If compatible, it can be used. You can apply glass glue to the periphery of the mirror and stick it.

After hanging the mirror, you need to wait for a period, which is to enhance the stability and ensure the safety of use. In order to make it safer, you need to use a caulking paste to seal the edge around the mirror surface.

You can apply caulking cream around the edge seams after fixing the mirror surface. The glue must not meet water until it dries out. After the safety waiting period has passed, there is no crack or falling off before the bath mirror is installed.

There is a way to fix the mirror. People use screws. You can correspond the holes in the mirror surface to the expanded plastic pipes on the wall surface. Fix it with screws.

In order to ensure the overall beauty. You can install a decorative cap in the mirror hole. This can hide the screws and holes.

After the toilet mirror is hung up, you can use it. In the process of use, we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance. In the bathroom, which is a long-term humid environment, fog appears on the mirror surface. At this time, you can brush the mirror with soapy water or detergent.

Through this prevention method. We can prevent water vapor from forming on the mirror. Its principle is that both detergent and soapy water contain surfactants. This active agent can prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface. This has an effective anti-fog effect.

One way to prevent fog is to heat the toilet mirror. This is to make the temperature of the mirror surface higher than that of the room or the water vapor. In this way, the water vapor will not condense. This can play a good anti-fog effect.

Antifogging coatings are available on the market. People in need can buy some antifogging coatings. As long as this kind of coating is applied, it can have a good anti-fog effect. This is to prevent fog by preventing water droplets from forming on the glass surface. This method will be more convenient. This is safe and environmentally friendly.

Do you know about the installation method and the daily anti-fog tips? I hope these methods can help everyone. This allows people to solve problems when installing mirrors.

Take care of the things you use every day to make the most of them. Only in this way can it be better used.

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