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Do you have to pinch your nose close while entering the bathroom? If yes, then your bathroom might be harboring a source of unpleasant odors. Sometimes these bathroom odors are so bad and pungent that they force you to hold your breath for a while. Such a situation is not acceptable because we believe that every bathroom should remain clean and odor-free. So, in this article, we will be discussing the topic – how to get rid of smelly drains in bathroom, effective ways to clean them, and tips to prevent odors if your shower drain smells bad.

What Causes Smelly Drains: The Science Behind It

Several problems cause smelly drains. That’s why telling the exact cause, in any case, would be difficult. But don’t worry because here we are listing all the best possible reasons which cause smelly drains. Moreover, if your bathroom drain smells like sewage then this could be something serious but, don’t think much as we will also cover it in our list below.

  • Clogged Drain Pipe: A bathroom often has a common drain pipe that routes the wastewater to the main sewage drain. If this drain pipe smells, then this could be due to blockage. Over time bathroom matter may get stuck in this pipe on which bacteria starts growing. The growing bacteria colonies are responsible for the dirty smell in your bathroom. They feed upon bathroom matter and excrete dirty gases in the drain pipe. From the drain pipe, these gases make their way to the bathroom.
  • No Ventilation: If your bathroom’s drain pipe doesn’t have a ventilation pipe, then unpleasant odors will be more common. People sometimes ignore building a dedicated gas exhaust in their bathroom. Odors originating in the drain pipes will escape through the exhaust. The odors are gases that are lighter than air. So, they’ll always rise up that’s why a separate exhaust pipe must be installed with the main bathroom drain pipe. 
  • No P-TRAP: If your bathroom’s floor drain doesn’t have a P-Trap then this will let the sewer gases leak inside. That’s the main reason why your shower drain smells.

How to Get Rid Of Smelly Drains In Bathroom: Step-by-Step Guide

Without wasting much time, let’s see how to clean shower drains. This section includes our 4 best tips that teach you what to do when the shower drain smells, or when the bathroom drain smells like sewage. Because this is something that you don’t want in your bathroom. So, let’s begin with the home remedy for smelly drains below.

  • Use a Bathroom Drain Cleaner: Bathroom drain cleaners are easy to use. These chemicals react with the stubborn dirt inside the pipe. Just apply the chemical in the drain at night and flush it with water the next morning. These chemicals are very effective in removing bathroom drain pipe blockage and odors.
  • Use Hydrochloric Acid: Hydrochloric acid is a cheap option to clean stinky drain channels. Just pour some diluted acid (100-200ml) into the bathroom drain and wait for half an hour. Flush the drain with water afterward. The acid cleans the drain and also removes any foul smell. 
  • Cleaning Smelly Drains With Bleach: Bleach is another inexpensive cleaning agent. It not only cleans your smelly shower drain, but also removes all kinds of foul odors.
  • Use Vinegar: Vinegar is another cheap home remedy for smelly drains. For increased cleaning effect, we often mix it with washing soda. Make a 200-300ml solution in concentrated form, stir well and introduce it in your bathroom’s smelly drains. Again wait for half an hour and flush the drain channels with water.

Note: Do not dilute hydrochloric acid too much to preserve its cleansing action. Vinegar and bleach need not to be diluted.

How to Prevent Smells In Bathroom

If you want to prevent all types of smells in your bathroom, then follow the tips given below.

Permanent Solutions

We are giving a list of permanent solutions below which will help you on the topic of how to stop drains smelling.

p trap to avoid smelly shower drain
  • Always Ask Your Plumber to Install a P-Trap: If you’re about to construct your bathroom, then ask your plumber to install P-Traps wherever required. A P-Traps is a bathroom fixture that is shaped like a “U”. The U-shaped fixture holds water that prevents sewer gases from getting inside the bathroom.
  • Ventilate The Drain Pipes And The Bathroom: Ventilate the drain pipes as-well-as your bathroom. 
  • Handle Dirt And Bathroom Matter Carefully: Do not throw stuff down your bathroom drain. This may include stuff like wrappers of soaps, hair, baby wipes, etc. Many people have a habit of flushing stuff down their bathroom commode. In the long run, this habit may block the main drain pipe – avoid this.
  • Bathroom And Sewer Level: To prevent sewer gases bathroom should be at a level much above the municipal sewer drain pipe. Outside your home, construct a ventilated chamber between your main drain pipe and the municipal drain pipe. This reduces blockage and also lets sewer gases escape easily.

 Temporary Solutions

  • Use Charcoal: Take around 200-300 grams of wood charcoal and wrap it inside a piece of cloth. Now hang this little charcoal bag in your bathroom. The charcoal will absorb all the odors and foul smells in your bathroom. Replace every month or whenever required.
  • Use Air Fresheners: You can also put bathroom air fresheners to remove odors. Some air fresheners are smart and spray automatically. You may also need to replace them monthly or whenever required. They may feel expensive, but their refreshing effect is very good.


The bathroom is perhaps the second most used place in a home. So, it has to be clean and tidy. Every bathroom should be free from infectious and disease-causing micro-organisms and maintain a refreshing effect. But sometimes, even after keeping it clean, several problems kick in, like, smelly drains, blocked pipes, ventilation problems, and sewer gases getting in. In such a situation, we always suggest you use our valuable tips, given in this article which will surely eradicate all your problems related to bathroom hygiene. You can also check MyHomeWare bathroom accessories to keep your bathroom clean. If possible, please bookmark this article for how to get rid of smelly drains in bathroom because who knows when you might need it?

Smelly Bathroom Drains FAQ

1. Why Does the Bathroom Sometimes Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Inside the sewer, various gases form after a chemical decomposition reaction. Out of these gases, hydrogen sulfide is more common. The hydrogen sulfide gas is responsible for the rotten eggs smell in your bathroom.

2. Are Sewer Gases Harmful?

Yes! Sewer gases are indeed harmful and are also the main reason why your bathroom drain smells like sewage. The gases include hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, and nitrogen oxide. Two of these (sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide) are highly poisonous. They quickly displace oxygen in a chemical reaction leaving the area with less to no oxygen. Methane is not only flammable but also an explosive sewer gas.

3. How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Sink Smell?

The bathroom sink has a separate waste pipe so cleaning it alone is not enough if the problem lies with the main drain pipe. If your bathroom sink still smells, try cleaning the main drain pipe. Make sure to install a tiny S-Trap in your bathroom sink. You can try cleaning smelly drains with bleach which is inexpensive.

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