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When you shower, naturally, you close the door. It is normal. And it is also normal for that same door to experience wear and tear. From a simple shower door adjustment and shower door hinges replacement to the squeaky shower door and limescale, there is just no way you can run from them.

Shower door problems are one of the most common bathroom problems you will encounter while cleaning. Fortunately, you do not have to feel discouraged and think of the professional fee because you can solve these problems on your own (most of them.) So, are there any DIY solutions for those problems like how to adjust a pivot glass shower door? Read below to learn more.

how to fix shower screen door

Common Shower Door Problems and Their Causes

Shower door problems can be divided into two, those that can be solved on your own and those that need professional work. Today we’ll explore those problems that can be handled ourselves like those many are asking for “how to” guides since people want to address problems that they can fix on their own. And there is nothing wrong with that since the most common bathroom problems are indeed easy to fix. After all, these problems are tasks usually caused by simple and easy-to-fix issues. Shower door problems belonging to this category are mainly: 

Adjustments – usually caused by off-track rollers;

Dropped shower doors – due to loose screws; and

Hinge problems – resulted from grease and soap build-up.

How to Fix Shower Screen Door? Step-by-step Guide

repair shower door

Some of the problems above may seem quite technical, and they are. However, they are not so technical that you cannot do them on your own (shower hinge door replacement). With the correct instructions and guide, you can fix them just as well as a professional.

So, what are the steps you need to take to repair shower door issues? Read the solutions below.

How to Adjust a Shower Screen Door?

Rollers are one of the top sliding shower door problems, be it a 2 or 3 panel sliding shower screen repair. If the panels of your screen, like the 3-panel L-shape chrome framed shower screen, are not gliding properly, then a simple adjustment might do the trick. So, how to repair sliding shower door?

Step 1. Look whether the rollers are off the track. If the answer is yes, you are up for a task.

Step 2. Unscrew the rail from the bottom track.

Step 3. Once you get rid of the screws, gently take the door out of the rack. In doing this, remember to tilt the door slightly. Once you are done with the first one, do it again to the other door.

Step 4. Analyze the issue properly.

Step 5. Look whether the top and bottom rack is free of soap, rust, or limescale (they could be a problem later on); if they are not free of those things, clean them. Dirt can cause the door to slide.

Step 6. Adjust the rollers by loosening the screws, then move the rollers into the proper position. Ascertain that all rollers are securely fastened and that the doors are level.

Step 7. Once you are sure that the rollers are in the proper place, tighten them. Afterward, put the doors back and screw the bottom rail.

Step 8. Check if the problem is fixed.

How to Fix a Shower Door That Has Dropped?

If your shower door dropped, then do not worry, as it can easily be fixed.

Step 1. Watch out for the screws. They could be the reason why the shower door dropped.

Step 2. If the screws are loose, what you need to do is tighten them. But before tightening them, get rid of grease and scum first.

Step 3. Checked whether the screws were still loose.

How to Clean a Squeaky Shower Door?

shower door hinges replacement

No one wants a horror-like bathroom because of a squeaky or screechy door. But it happens especially if your shower door is full of grease and soap residue. These things cause the hinge to get out of level and sometimes hinder it from closing properly. To address this problem, do the steps below.

Step 1. Get your hand to the hinge of the shower screen door.

Step 2. Check whether it is loose and dirty. If it is just loose, tighten it. But if it is also dirty, do the cleaning steps before tightening the screws.

Step 3. If it is dirty, make a vinegar-water solution or a baking soda-water solution. Vinegar is an acid, and its acidic property can tackle limescale in the hinge. On the other hand, baking soda is a base with an abrasive property. It can be used to dissolve compounds like grease and dirt.

Step 4. Dip a toothbrush into the solution you made and scratch the hinge.

Step 5. Once you are done, rinse the hinge with water.


Shower doors are an essential part of a bathroom They are a delight, and no one wants them broken, so if yours have an issue, immediately learn how to fix shower screen doors. You don’t have to pay too much if it is simple, because you might be able to fix it yourself. But if it is beyond your capability, make sure to call a professional to do it for you.

FAQ about How to Fix Shower Screen Door

How to replace shower door hinge?

If the hinge is beyond repair, you need to change it. To do that, get a partner first. Then, loosen the screw that holds the door and handle. Afterward, free the door from the hinge and put a 2×4 block below the door so it will not fall (ask your partner to hold it). Remove the remaining screws from the hinge and replace them with new ones. Screw the new hinge and put the glass shower door back.

Why is my shower door not closing properly?

If your shower door is not closing properly, then there might be a loose screw somewhere. Hence, check all the hinges and handles. If the screws are not the problem, then it might be the soap and grease in the hinges. To clean the hinges, you can use a toothbrush and a vinegar-water solution.

Do shower door rollers wear out?

Yes, shower door rollers get the brunt of the weight and friction of the shower door, so, over time, they will naturally wear off. So, if the rollers are often out of place and you have been using the door for years, it might be high time for you to change them.

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