How to Fix a Leaking Bathroom Tap

How to fix a leaking bathroom tap
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Got a leaky tap that is driving you crazy? Leaking taps are a common problem for many people, and finding out how to fix them can be tricky. Read on and learn how to fix a leaking bathroom tap with our easy step-by-step guide.

Identifying the Problem

The first step in knowing how to fix a leaking tap is inspecting the type of leak you have. Taps that leak whilst turned off have a worn or faulty washer attached to the jumper valve. Ones with water flowing out from under the tap body or cover plate have worn or faulty O-rings. Preparing and replacing both at once will save you time from doing any of this process again. 

How to Fix a Leaking Bathroom Tap – The Steps

Step 1

The first step in how to fix a leaking bathroom tap is to turn off the main water supply. You can find your water meters on the street, front yard, bathroom, or laundry. Afterwards, turn the tap on and let the water run out until it stops. Then, plug the drain to avoid losing any screws.

How to fix a leaking bathroom tap

Make sure to close off the main water system to prevent any mess that can occur

Step 2

Now that your preparation is complete, it is time to unscrew and remove the handle. The screw holding the handle in place is under the temperature signs. With the screws out, remove the handle and cover plate. 

How to fix a leaking bathroom tap

To resolve a leaking sink, you must undress the problem!

Step 3

Once the body of the tap is exposed, you should now see the jumper valve inside the faucet. If the tap has a metal shroud or skirt, you will need to screw that off too.

Step 4

Replace the body washer, the o-ring, and the jumper valve with new parts. If you cannot reach it, try using a set of tweezers. At this point, you can see where the damage is.  

Next, refit the bonnet and spindle. Be careful not to over-tighten the bolts. Make sure to apply tapping lubricant to the spindle and valve for better sealing, and smooth operation.

Step 5

Insert the washer and jumper valve, then screw the tap bonnet back on, and tighten it with a spanner. Put the tap back together, turn it off, and turn the main water system back on. Now, check the tap to make sure that it is no longer leaking. 

The final step on how to fix a leaking bathroom tap is to apply silicone to the bottom of the skirt to seal it up once everything is working fine. Visit your local hardware store to pick some up.

A useful tip is to keep some microfibre cloths handy as silicone can be very messy. 

How to fix a leaking bathroom tap

The moment of truth, check if your work has paid off!

Is your Tap Still Leaking?

Taps that continue to leak must be rechecked. See whether you have installed the parts back correctly or if you missed a step. When the tap leaks after a thorough inspection, get it looked at by a plumber. The plumber will immediately recognise problems regarding your tap, or if the entire tap needs to be replaced. 

Stop that leak!

Say goodbye to leaks and follow our guide on how to fix a leaking bathroom tap. For more handy renovation guides, check out our blog page!

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