How to consider whether the bathroom needs a bathtub

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The bathtub is for people to take a bath. Although it can be replaced with a shower, the bathtub is still superior in terms of comfort. But many people think that the bathtub will take up too much space and make the bathroom crowded. Is it necessary to put a bathtub in the bathroom?

1. Space

If you have two bathrooms in your home, you don’t have to struggle. If there are multiple bathrooms, the shower and bathtub can exist at the same time. If there are two bathrooms in the house, you can install a bathtub in one bathroom and a shower in the other bathroom.

If there is only one bathroom in the house, then it is necessary to think about whether it is suitable for a shower or a bathtub. If the area of the bathroom is small, there is no need to put a bathtub, because this will make the whole space appear more narrow. If the bathroom is large, you can put a bathtub in it. And if the bathroom is large enough, you can install both. The shower and bathtub are not optional. If there is enough space, both can exist at the same time.

2. Demand

When installing a bathtub, consider how many times you and your family will actually use the bathtub in later life. If you have enough time to take a bath every two or three days, the utilization rate of the bathtub is extremely high, then you can install a bathtub.

If you like both bathing and showering, you can install a shower above the bathtub. Or after installing the shower, equip it with a large and removable bathtub, which can also meet the needs of you and your family.

But if you just want to enjoy a romantic and relaxing bath time occasionally, then get rid of the idea of installing a bathtub as soon as possible. Many people impulsively installed a bathtub. After the installation, the bathtub became the most useless facilities in the home.

3. Family members

In addition to space and needs, the choice of bathtub or shower can be determined by the composition of the family members.

If you are living alone, you don’t need to consider other people’s feelings, you can decide completely according to your preferences. If there are only couples, bathing in the bathtub is more romantic. So installing a bathtub is a good choice. If you live with your elders, the bathroom must have a shower. If you have a baby, bathing in the bathtub is more convenient. If there is a baby at home, the bathtub will be more practical than the shower, it is more convenient to put the child in the bathtub, adults and children can wash together.

4. Cleaning

The difference between bathtub and shower is the difficulty of cleaning.

The bathtub needs to be cleaned, which is troublesome. Because the bathtub needs to be thoroughly brushed and washed every time it is used so that the bathtub will be clean the next time you use it.

The shower does not need to be cleaned frequently, which is convenient and simple. Because the shower does not have the problems with water storage and water accumulation, you only need to clean the floor grate every time.

The bathtub must be cleaned or even disinfected every time it is used because an unclean bathtub is particularly harmful to people. If you are too lazy to clean the bathtub, then you should choose a shower.

5. Water consumption

The water consumption of a shower for ten minutes is generally 60 to 100 liters, while a bathtub requires a minimum of 200 liters of water. If you are worried about the waste of water, then the bathtub is not a good choice for you.

Therefore, you can decide whether to install the bathtub according to your actual situation, consider whether the area of the bathroom is enough to install and choose a suitable bathtub according to your own needs.

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