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Toilet cleaning is crucial for its cleanness as well as our hygiene and health. It can also remove odors and prevent clogs, helping maintain a pleasant appearance. Many people would go for bowl cleaners to get cleaning jobs done, but that incurs extra cost, which is undesirable for many. So, do you want to eliminate toilet limescale without spending much money on bowl cleaners? Surprisingly, the answer might be Coke.

Coke is a tasty drink, but Coca-Cola is also one everyday item that is the best way to clean toilet bowl stains. So how does Coke clean toilet stains? In fact, it works because it has phosphoric acid and carbonic acid, which are both mild. This might sound like a myth, but many people swear that Coke can get rid of rust rings in the toilet. Here are the steps on how to clean toilet bowl stains with coke. Use these simple tips to start cleaning with Coke immediately by following the steps below.

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Steps to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains with Coke

Cleaning toilet bowl stains divide into two different situations: regular cleaning and cleaning of stubborn stains. Let’s see the different steps for each one.

Regular Cleaning

1. Obtain a bottle of coke

Open a can or bottle of Coke and measure out a cup or two. To clean your toilet bowl, you won’t need much.

2. Pour the Coke Around the Edge of the Toilet Bowl

To effectively clean a toilet with coke, pour Coke around the edge of the toilet bowl so that it covers the whole bowl. Even though the liquid appears to go straight to the toilet, the carbonation in a thin layer of Coke will do all the hard work for you then.

3. Soak a Rug in Coke and Apply it on Hard-to-Reach Portions

Try soaking a rag in Coke and then applying it by hand to stains high in the bowl and hard to reach. You can also put the drink in a spray bottle to keep your hands clean.

4. Let the Coke sit for a While

The longer it sits in the bowl, the more time the acids in the drink have to break down the stains and other dirt. You can leave it alone for at least an hour. But for the best results, pour the Coke into the toilet bowl before bed and leave it there overnight.

5. Flush the Toilet Bowl to Rinse

Put water in the toilet. After the Coke sat in your bowl for a while, its acids should have made the stains come off. If you flush the bathroom, the water should wash away the colours.

If you do the above steps regularly, you should now be able to tell how effectively coke as toilet cleaner cleans your toilet. But remember that it might not eliminate every stain, even if it works well for most mineral stains in bathrooms. Sometimes, pouring Coke out of the toilet bowl won’t eliminate challenging stains. In situations like this, you might wonder how to clean a very stained toilet bowl with Coke. If the colours don’t disappear on their own, you can attempt at getting rid of them using one of the methods outlined below.

Clean the Stubborn Stains

Use the Brush and Scrub

If flushing does not remove toilet stains, use a toilet brush and scrub hard. This household item’s mechanical action will loosen the bowl’s spots following Coke treatment.

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Use Heat

High heat accelerates the toilet stain-removing acid process. If you have stubborn stains, microwave Coke and rub it on the bowl. To avoid hot beverages on your hands, wear gloves. Never microwave sealed Coke because it is explosive. Microwave the Coke using microwave-safe glass.

Use Coke Mixed Baking Soda

The drink can eliminate many stains, but it doesn’t always do the job. You may need to use it with other cleaning products to destroy stains in the toilet. One popular method is cleaning toilet with Coke and baking soda. The steps are as follows-

  • Clean the toilet;
  • Measure 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 teaspoons borax in 1/2 gallon water and 1/4 cup baking soda;
  • Then, put the mixture in the toilet bowl, scrub it, and wait 60 minutes before flushing.
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Use a Mixture of Coke, Lemon Juice and Borax

Another way to clean the toilet is to mix one part Coke, one part lemon juice, and two parts borax. Apply the mixture to the toilet bowl. Then, let it sit for about an hour, then scrub the stains away.

Tips for Cleaning the Toilet with Coke

Cleaning a toilet with Coke is an unusual way to do it, it can work because of how acidic the drink is. But there are also things of note. Here are some tips for using Coke to clean a toilet:

  • You can also use soda water to complete the aforementioned cleaning process, since it also contains carbonic acid, which is the key ingredient that helps Coke remove stains.
  • Using Coke to clean toilets has its limitations too. One of them is it may not work for stains that are oily. So if your toilet bowl has been stained with oil or grease-based products, it is best to use a more specialized cleaning agent.


This article teaches us how to clean toilet bowl stains with coke. Remember that Coke is an excellent cleaner when you want to know how to clean toilet stains. It can also be heated or mixed with something like baking soda to make it work better for heavy stains. So give it a try today. 

FAQ about How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains with Coke

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains Without Scrubbing?

1.First of all, you can put an automatic cleaner in our toilet tank. When you flush, these devices send cleaning and sanitizing solutions into your toilet bowl. It means you don’t have to clean your toilet bowl as often.
2.You can also set a denture tablet in the toilet bowl to eliminate light stains after cleaning it.
3.Also, you can break down stains by pouring a bottle of Coke in the toilet bowl and leaving it overnight.
4.Last, you can soak up stains with vinegar and toilet paper.

How Long Does Coke Take to Dissolve Limescale?

30 minutes to 1 hour. Coke is an acidic drink and the acid helps to dissolve limescale buildup in pipes, drains, and fixtures. To help dissolve limescale quickly, pour one can of coke into the affected area and let it sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour before flushing with hot water. The limescale should be gone by then.

Does Diet Coke Clean Toilets as Well as Regular Coke?

Yes, it does because both regular and diet Coke have mild carbonic and phosphoric acids from the carbonation process. The acids help to dissolve limescale buildup in pipes, drains, and fixtures. So, they both can work well when it comes to toilet cleaning.

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