How To Clean Grout That Has Turned Black

Cleaning Grout
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Frustrated with discoloured and stained grout between your tiles? It can be hard to find solutions that actually work to get those black stains out. In this article, we’ll help you by answering your question of how to clean grout that has turned black.

What Is Grout?

Let’s first understand what grout is. Grout is a fluid mixture made of water, cement and sand. It’s used to fill gaps between ceramic tiles and also to add strength to existing structures, making a ‘grout joint’. You will come across grout being used the most between tile floors and walls in showers and kitchens. 

Grout is needed to protect the sides and underside of tiles from water damage and stop tiles from rubbing and cracking. People who are applying grout will need to apply grout sealant afterwards. This will help prevent water, and bacteria from penetrating into its pores which causes staining or moulding. It’s especially important for keeping your bathroom clean, because of all the moisture it gets exposed to. 

Why Does It Turn Black?


Mould in grout is a very common problem

The pores in grout create lots of space and surface area for water, stains and bacteria to become trapped. It’s also hard to get moisture in the pores to evaporate without forcing air through them. When this happens, mould and mildew grows, staining your white grout. So then, let’s get to the answer to how to clean grout that has turned black.

How To Clean Grout That Has Turned Black

White Vinegar and Water

Our first method to clean black grout is with a simple combination of white vinegar and water. You will need to mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray it onto the affected grout joints and leave it for 5 minutes. After letting it penetrate, scrub with a brush and rinse with clean water before wiping dry. 

This cleaning solution is great for cleaning both tile and grout together, but please note that you should not use this on unsealed grout.

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Baking Soda Paste


Easy and affordable, try using baking soda to lift black stains from grout

Baking soda is a very versatile way of cleaning many surfaces, including grout. Mix baking soda with a little bit of clean water until it becomes a thick paste. Then spread the paste over the stained grout lines and leave it for 15 minutes or until it stops bubbling. Once that happens, you will need to use some elbow grease to scrub the grout with a brush before rinsing. 

Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach is a type of bleach which lifts stains off surfaces that it comes into contact with. The common bleach, which we know as chlorine, is harsher and more corrosive. Apply the oxygen bleach onto the stained grout and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off. Do not use this in unventilated spaces.

Grout Cleaner

There’s a plethora of commercial grout cleaners on the market that have been made specifically to clean grout. In general, these will be the best at cleaning black grout stains. These do come with different ingredients and methods of use though, so read the instructions and safety precautions carefully. 

Make Those Grout Joints Clean Again!


Don’t let those black grout stains linger

There you have it, all the best answers to how to clean grout that has turned black. From homemade cleaning solutions like vinegar and water to dedicated grout cleaners, there’s so many great choices. For more information and articles about bathroom renovations, maintenance and creative ideas, visit the MyHomeware blog today.

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