How to Clean Bathroom Sinks

how to clean bathroom sink
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Trying to keep your sink clean but need to find some ways of doing it that actually work? Sink cleaning can be a tedious and frustrating task, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we go through all the best methods of how to clean bathroom sinks so you always have yours in the best possible condition!

How to Clean Bathroom Sinks 

General Cleaning


Regular wiping of your sink with a cloth keeps it cleaner for longer

  1. The first step in how to clean bathroom sink is general cleaning. Always start off your cleaning by wetting a soft cloth with warm water, preferably a microfiber cloth, and wipe down all surfaces. Always use a clean cloth, and swap out cloths during your cleaning when they get really dirty. 
  1. After you wipe the sink down, rinse it with more warm or hot water to wash away any leftover dirt, dust and grime. 
  1. Wipe down your sink with a dry cloth. This method for how to clean bathroom sinks is great for everyday cleaning, and will stretch how long it takes before you need to do more thorough cleaning of your sink.  

For Deeper Cleaning

Water and Dishwashing Liquid

  1. Start with the first 2 general cleaning steps mentioned above. 
  1. Plug your bathroom sink drain and fill it with some warm water. Once you fill your sink one quarter to half full, squirt a few drops of dishwashing liquid in and mix.
  1. Dip a clean cloth or sponge in your soapy sink mixture and scrub down your sink, including the tap.
  1. Unplug your sink to drain the liquid and rinse your sink with water to wash off the soap. 
  1. Use a dry cloth to wipe down and dry your sink. 

Baking Soda


Baking soda is the classic cleaning product that is also useful for the bathroom sink

  1. Follow the three steps for general cleaning.
  1. Sprinkle a cup of baking soda over all the sink surfaces in an even spread. For big sinks, use some more.
  1. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe down and scrub the baking soda into the sink surfaces. Add a few drops of vinegar to the areas with tough stains.
  1. Rinse the sink surfaces with water immediately. The chemical composition of baking soda means that it dissolves dirt and grease when it’s added with water or vinegar.
  1. Wipe down your sink with a dry cloth.

Lemon Juice

  1. Follow the 3 steps for general cleaning.
  1. Mix the juice of half a lemon and half a cup of baking soda until it becomes a paste.
  1. Use a sponge to spread and scrub the mixture on any tough stains, paying special attention to stubborn soap scum.
  1. Rinse off any surfaces you used with the lemon juice mixture immediately.
  1. Wipe down all wet surfaces with a dry cloth.

Bathroom Cleaner


There are many bathroom cleaners that are specially formulated for bathroom surface cleaning

  1. Spray a bathroom cleaner onto all sink surfaces and leave for 30 seconds or as instructed on the bottle.
  1. Wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth or sponge.
  1. Rinse of all bathroom surfaces with water. 
  1. Wipe down with a dry cloth. Using a bathroom cleaner is a great solution for how to clean bathroom sinks when the other methods don’t work. 

How to Clean Bathroom Sink – What to Avoid

Avoid using abrasive cleaners, steel wool and scouring pads. These cleaning products damage your sink, scratching the surfaces and leading to rust in stainless steel sinks. For porcelain sinks, avoid using brushes with stiff bristles as these can also scratch them.

Get a Clean Bathroom Sink Now!

Follow these cleaning tips for how to clean bathroom sinks to get your bathroom sink sparkling again and free from harmful bacteria. Visit the MyHomeware blog for more information on everything from bathroom maintenance advice to bathroom styling tips today!

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