How To Clean Bathroom Sink Drain

Clean Bathroom Sink Drain
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When’s the last time you made the effort to clean your bathroom sink drains? If it’s been a while, then it might be time to finally check out our guide on how to clean bathroom sink drain! They are one of the biggest smell culprits in the bacteria and are a breeding ground for bacteria. Let’s find out how to clean up your drain!

Why Clean It? And How Often?

As we mentioned at the top of the page, your bathroom sink drain can become riddled with bacteria and germs if left unchecked. It also can be a source of incredibly foul smells and scents. If you’ve ever wondered why your bathroom is always smelly (even after air deodorisers etc.) it could be your bathroom drain!

Wondering how often to clean bathroom sink drains? We suggest that you clean it every month at the very least. You can also choose to clean it as frequently as every week if you have the time to do so!


How to Clean Your Bathroom Sink Drain with Baking Soda and Vinegar

An inexpensive yet effective way to clean your bathroom sink drains is with baking soda and vinegar, which can be purchased at your local grocery store.

Step 1: Initial Flush

Before whipping out your vinegar or baking soda, give your drain a preliminary rinse by pouring boiling water into it. This will work to remove excessive particles and debris.

Step 2: Baking Soda

Next, pour half a measuring cup of baking soda (roughly 100g) down the drain and around the drain cover, drain sink stopper or drain guard.

Step 3: Vinegar

With your drain covered in baking soda, pour ½ a cup of white vinegar down the drain. This will cause a reaction that cleans and sanitises the drain.

Step 4: Let it Fizz

Ensure complete cleaning and sanitisation by letting the mixture and reaction ‘fizz’ for at least 10 minutes.

Step 5: Final Flush

Once the previous steps have been completed, flush your drain one last time with boiling water until the vinegar smell is completely gone. Enjoy your newly cleaned bathroom drain and drain pipe!


How to Clean Bathroom Sink Drain with Drain Cleaners

Another way to clean your drain is with drain cleaners. They’re a little more expensive but are easily found at most supermarkets.

Step 1: Hot Water Flush

To start, flush your basin drain with hot water – at least 2- 3 litres. This will soften up any tough stains or particles.

Step 2: Cold Water Flush

Wait for a few minutes before following it up with a cold water flush. This will wash any loose particles out of the drain and plumbing systems.

Step 3: Drain Cleaner

With the first two washes done, now is the time to apply the drain cleaner. Be sure to read the instructions to find out how much to apply and how long to leave it in for. Don’t forget your rubber gloves!

Step 4: Final Flush

Lastly, follow up the drain cleaner application with a final flush of hot water to get rid of any leftover particles.


Say Goodbye to Smelly and Stinky Drains!

With two different methods, hopefully you’ve learnt how to clean bathroom sink drain – making for a much cleaner and hygienic bathroom environment. For more bathroom and cleaning maintenance articles like this one, check out the MyHomeware blog!

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