How to Clean and Maintain the Tap

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The use and maintenance of the tap have not attracted too many people ’s attention, because everyone thinks it is a consumable, and it will be replaced if it breaks. In fact, the correct use and maintenance of the tap can extend the actual life of the tap. The tap can always be as bright as new. It also allows you to avoid many troubles in life.

How to maintain the tap?

1. Change the tap regularly

Most of the water is now disinfected with chlorine. Over time, residual chlorine compounds in the water will increase the precipitation of lead in the tap. Generally, the copper alloy tap has been used for more than 5 years, and the amount of lead precipitation will increase greatly. Therefore, for health, the tap should not be used for too long. Change it when the time comes.

2. Clean and remove impurities on the screen

Do you think that after a period of time, the water output is not as large as it was when you first used it? Even when you take a shower, the water heater will suddenly turn off. It may be that the screen of the tap is blocked by the sand in the water. Just unscrew the screen cover at the outlet of the tap and clean up the impurities.

Tip: Be sure to clean the screen regularly. It is best to clean it every three months. Good water quality is very important for the health of family members. Don’t be lazy.

3. Clean the tap

In order to protect the coating on the surface of the tap, it should be wiped with a dry cotton cloth after cleaning. If it is wiped directly with a wet towel, it will leave water stains. This will directly damage the coating, and at the same time, to avoid the tap from getting acid and alkali liquid, use a soft cotton cloth with neutral detergent when cleaning, then gently wipe the tap.

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