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The bathroom is an area in the house where we specifically clean and organize ourselves. Thus, knowing how to clean a shower properly is essential because of the bacteria and other harmful pathogens thriving in the bathroom. And if you are not sure how to clean shower glass, then the article I prepared for today will help with such a purpose and some shower cleaning hacks that’ll keep your bathroom clean and cozy. So without any further ado, let’s get right into today’s discussion…


Equipment/Tools/Materials Needed

Before you can successfully clean the bathroom, you need to know the tools, materials, or equipment that is essential for the tasks. The truth is that the needed cleaning materials are beyond the cleaning solutions and brush; there is other stuff that will keep your shower hygienic such as the following:

  • Bathroom cleaning agent
  • Empty spray bottle
  • A powdered citric acid (food grade)
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Shower squeegee
  • An unused, soft toothbrush
  • Dry rag cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bathroom sponge/scrub
  • Plastic bag
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Now that we already know the necessary items on how to clean a shower, let’s proceed and discuss how to clean major parts of the shower, like the shower screen and shower head.

How to Clean a Shower Screen

The shower screen is usually made of glass. This material is prone to the accumulation of grimes and water stains, especially for glass sliders or other hardware parts. If left unmaintained for a long time, those problems could even lead to glass breakage in some instances unless for some high-quality products made from tempered glass or with special treatment like MyHomeware’s frameless or framed shower screens. So how to clean a glass shower screen efficiently and effectively? Below is a straightforward and practical way you can try at home:

  • Make a vinegar solution by putting it into the empty spray bottle. And then, shake it until it’s fully saturated
  • Splash or spray the glass screen with water before you apply the vinegar solution
  • After the water, spray the screen with the vinegar solution you prepared earlier. Allow it to soak for at least 10 minutes or even longer if you observe a significant buildup of stains
  • Put the baking soda into a basin and dip the bathroom sponge. Scrub the screen with the sponge until all of the grimes and water smudges are dissolved
  • Rinse the glass screen with water
  • Fill a bucket with water and use another sponge with a cleaning agent to clean the screen
  • Again, rinse the slide with water thoroughly
  • Wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth to dry it
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As you see, you really don’t need the aid of a professional shower cleaning agency. You can use simple materials to do the task. But if you’re still unsure about the materials, you can turn to solutions with harsher chemicals.

How to Clean a Shower Head

Apparently, the process of cleaning the showerhead goes in a different direction. If the shower glass screen is easy to clean, the showerhead is a little challenging, although it is relatively small in size. Anyway, you can follow the steps provided below to clean a showerhead—

  • Firstly, fill the plastic with water half full, and then mix it with vinegar. Do not overfill the plastic bag because it could overflow once you submerge the showerhead inside it
  • Now, put the showerhead inside the plastic bag and submerge it. If you are unhappy with how the fixture is submerged, you can always adjust the level whenever you like
  • Fasten the bag with a rubber band around the neck of the showerhead. Make sure that it’s properly fastened so it won’t slip when you leave it for a moment
  • Let it soak for several hours or overnight until all the stain and dirt buildup is dissolved. However, if you have a chrome-plated brass showerhead, it is advisable that you only soak them for 30 minutes because it will cause the plating to tarnish
  • Once the time is up, untie the rubber band and remove the plastic bag from its place. And then, pour the remaining vinegar onto the showerhead
  • Get hot water and pour it onto the showerhead as well to remove the mineral deposit buildup
  • Use a toothpick or paper clip to pluck out the remaining mineral deposit
  • Polish the showerhead with a microfiber cloth and let it dry for a few minutes

To keep your showerheads working for a long time, we advise you to shop those not only highly resistant to water damage and dirt buildup but also easy to clean and maintain like MyHomeware’s black stainless steel rainfall shower heads.

How to Clean a Shower Curtain

The showerhead and shower screen glass is a fixed installment in your bathroom. But this is not the case with all bathrooms. Some may prefer a shower curtain which is a practical and cheap option for preventing water and keeping privacy when taking a shower.

As for the shower curtain, cleaning them doesn’t need to be done in the bathroom. You can remove them from the rod where it is hanging and bring them to the laundry for the clean-up.

  • Fill the washing machine with lukewarm water
  • Add detergent with a cup of vinegar or 1/2 cup of bleach to the laundry water
  • And then, put in the shower curtains and turn the knob under a gentle setting
  • Once the cycle is finished, hang the curtains until they dry

How Often Should a Shower Be Cleaned

The general of thumb is that you clean your bathroom at least once a week to prevent the further growth of bacteria thriving in the said area. However, you can clean more than once a week if you believe that some section of the bathroom needs more frequent cleaning than usual.


The question of how to clean a shower and other shower fixures is a straightforward process but takes time to finish. Also, cleaning the bathroom needs to be categorized in order to clean it properly. This may be the case—becoming conscious of the cleanliness of the area ensures the safety of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Clean a Shower

Below are additional concerns you have to take note of regarding the topic of “how to clean a shower?”.

What is the Best Thing to Clean the Bottom of a Shower With?

Although detergent and other bathroom cleaning solution works, many people report great success in using home items such as bicarbonate soda and vinegar.

How Do Professional Cleaners Clean Showers?

For professional shower cleaning, professional cleaners mainly use detergent, liquid soap, and warm water, then clean them with a brush. For stubborn dirt and stains, they may use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove them. Then rinse with water thoroughly.

How to Clean a Shower with Bleach?

Mix a solution with 1 tablespoon of bleach powder and 1 gallon of water. Allow the solution to sit on the stains for a few minutes before scrubbing them away. Also, you can take some bleach into your washing machine to clean a shower curtain together with your detergent. The bleach can help kill the mildew and keep the shower hygienic.

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