How to Clean a Mirror: A Complete Step-by-step Guide

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Are you always asking yourself how to clean a mirror? There’s nothing quite as frustrating to look at than a dirty, streaky mirror. Unfortunately, your mirrors are always going to get dirty. They’re subject to hairspray residue, toothpaste splatter and the odd fingerprint.

Dirty mirrors make for a dirty bathroom. They’re unpleasant to look at and they make looking at your mirror a pain. So what can you do to make sure your mirror is streak-free the next time you look at it?

Read below to find out how to clean a mirror spotless with this step-by-step guide. You’ll learn what you need to do an effective job, a detailed yet simple cleaning method and additional tips to help keep your mirror clean!

What you’ll need to clean your mirror

Cleaning Solution
If you’re wondering how to clean a mirror without glass cleaner, you’ll have to stop because you need one. Luckily, you don’t have to spend too much money for an effective solution because you can make one at home! Just simply mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and you’ll have a cost-free cleaning solution that gets the job done as well as store bought cleaners.

Flat Weave Cloth

A flat weave microfiber cloth is essential to cleaning mirrors. Why does your cloth need to be flat weaved? This is because flat weaves guarantee that your cloth doesn’t drag dirt and debris. It also dries a lot quicker and reduces streaks, which is the bane of all mirror cleaners.

Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol is easily available and is used for one specific purpose: getting rid of hard stains. These stains can be anything from hairspray that has been sprayed as you do your hair to toothpaste left over from last night’s brushing. Rubbing alcohol will allow you to get rid of these with ease.

Cotton Pads
Cotton pads go hand in hand with rubbing alcohol to remove the aforementioned stains. It’s also useful for any spot cleaning that you may need to do. Cotton balls and cotton tips can also be used but pads are able to clean a greater area with less effort.

3 steps to a shiny new mirror

Step 1 – Remove all hard stains and residue
Before you even think about spraying your vinegar and water cleaning solution all over your mirror, you should take the time to remove hard stains and residue on your mirror. Why does this take priority? If you start cleaning with your cloth without doing so, you might spread the dirt and residue around the mirror – even with a flat weave cloth.

Get rid of them first by dabbing some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton pad and using a circular motion to rub out these hard stains. Continue to do so all over your mirror until all distinct stains and marks are completely gone.

Step 2 – Wipe down your mirror
Next, you want to spray your mirror with your homemade cleaning solution. Do so liberally to ensure enough of the solution is on your mirror. Afterwards, fold your flat weave cloth and use one side to wipe down your mirror.

A ‘zig zag or Z pattern’ is crucial to making sure your mirror is cleaned from top to bottom. To do so, start from the top left corner and wipe your mirror from side to side, continuing to move down the mirror as you do so. It’s also to be relatively quick as your spray can dry which leaves streaks.

Step 3 – Remove leftover streaks
If you’ve performed the ‘Z pattern’ well, your mirror should be 90% cleaned! For the last 10% take a step back from your mirror and look at it at an angle. Doing so will help you see any streaks that you’ve left behind.

Once you spot these streaks, spray your cleaning solution on to the streaks and quickly wipe it down until it’s gone. If you’re having trouble finding these streaks, use a light source to put a spotlight on those sneaky streaks!

Additional Mirror Cleaning Tips

There you go, you have a clean mirror for you to look at! Here are some extra tips to help you clean and maintain your mirror.

How to clean light mirrors
If your mirror has LED lights or a light over it, make sure to turn off the light while cleaning. The heat from the light dries your spray very quickly, giving you streaks all over your mirror. After you’ve cleaned your mirror, turn the light back on to see if you’ve missed anything.

Don’t use newspaper or paper towels
‘How to clean a mirror with newspaper’ – you don’t. Newspapers aren’t very absorbent and to add on, you run the undesirable risk of leaving ink all over your mirror. Paper towels are also prone to leaving small dusty residue on your mirror.

Cleaning your mirror has never been easier
With this guide, you’ll know how to keep your bathroom mirror streak-free and shiny every day of the week! It’ll be so clean you won’t be able to stop looking at it.

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