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The shower faucet is mainly a switch device for the shower when we take a shower. Regardless of the small size, it has a great effect. Controlling the water temperature and controlling the flow of the shower are its functions. Then there are many types of shower faucets. This is A must-have product for the bathroom. People can enjoy the comfort of taking a shower. So how to choose the shower faucet, can you choose anyone? Next, I will explain to you the types of shower faucets, and how to choose the most suitable faucet for your home.

Today, I will introduce the shower faucet to you. Many people don’t know what kind of faucet is suitable for their home use. Nowadays, there are many types of shower faucets, and it is not easy to pick the one that suits your home. Shower faucet, the main purpose of this faucet is to open and close the water outlet device. It can control the temperature of the water and the amount of water. There are too many types of shower faucets on the market, with different materials and different functions. Now, what kinds of shower faucets are there? How to choose a shower faucet? Let’s take a look.

What are the types of shower faucets?

1. Installation method

At present, there are two main installation methods for shower faucets on the market: wall-hanging shower faucets and built-in shower faucets. The wall-hanging faucet is directly installed on the wall. With this installation method, its components can be clear. It is easier to repair when you see it; while for built-in shower faucets, usually, only the handle is visible on the wall, and other parts are invisible from the surface.

2. Handle

Currently, there are two common types of handles for shower faucets on the market, namely single handle, and double handle. The single-handle shower faucet usually controls the water temperature and the amount of water by rotating left and right, and the price will be slightly more expensive; while the double-handle shower faucet, two handles, one handle controls cold water, and one handle controls hot water. Usually, by the way of rotating to control the water temperature and water output, the price will be slightly cheaper.

How to choose a shower faucet?

1. Choose according to the house type

Different types of houses have different shower faucets. If it is a small-sized house, you can choose a single-handle shower faucet, which looks small and exquisite; if it is a large-sized house, you can choose a double-handle shower faucet, which looks elegant.

2. Choose according to performance

There is a big difference between a shower faucet with good performance and a shower faucet with poor performance. A shower faucet with good performance has a very good water-saving effect, and even if it is switched on and off 100,000 times, it will not leak water. It can save a lot of water. Then it is best to choose a modern high-tech shower faucet.

3. Choose according to the faucet valve core

Shower faucet valve cores are different, and their functions are different. At present, there are mainly three types of faucet valve cores on the market. They are ceramic valve core, stainless steel valve core, and roller type valve core. The price of the ceramic valve core is relatively low. The pollution is relatively small, but it is easy to break; the stainless steel valve core is of good quality, so it can accurately control the water temperature, which can save energy and water; the roller-type valve core has simple operation, particularly smooth rotation, and is resistant to aging and wear.

This is an introduction about what types of shower faucets and how to choose shower faucets. Different types of shower faucets have different effects. So when you buy, you must pay attention to it.

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