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The shower head is a bathroom product that we will use in the shower. There are many types and styles of the shower heads. You can choose the type you are satisfied with. So what types of shower heads are there? How do you choose a good shower head for your bathroom? Let’s take a look.

Classified by usage

It can be divided into three types: hand-held shower heads, overhead shower heads and side shower heads. The hand shower head is more flexible, the overhead shower head is more fixed, and the side shower head is hidden in the wall.

1. The hand-held shower head
You can hold it in your hand while showering, and change the angle and the size of the water flow at will. This is more convenient for anyone. Place it on a fixed bracket when it is not in use.

2. The overhead shower head
The bracket is fixed to the wall so that the shower head is in the overhead position. Its bracket does not have the lifting function like the hand-held shower, which can be adjusted in height, but it can adjust the angle of the water outlet.

3. The side shower head
It is installed on the wall. The side shower head can clean and massage by spraying water on the body, and has various installation positions and spray angles.

Classified by water flow

It can be divided into five types of shower heads: general type, massage type, soft type, turbo type and strong jet type.

1. Soft type
When the water is out, the water flow in the shower and the air are mixed to form a soft beaded water flow, which is especially suitable for shampooing.

2. Turbo type
When the water is out, the water flows out from the same outlet hole. The water flow is concentrated but soft. When the water flow is sprayed on the skin, the skin feels a little numb and itchy. It is mostly used to wake up the mind and massage the body to energize the whole body and enhance the body’s immunity. This medium-flow shower is very suitable for the elderly. This type of shower head is very suitable for children and the elderly.

3. General type
When the water is out, the water flows through multiple outlet holes to form many outlet surfaces, creating a large area of rain-like effect from different outlet angles, so that you can enjoy the showering. This is the most commonly used household shower head. It is suitable for a simple and quick shower.

4. Massage type
When the water is out, a small amount of water in the shower head is concentrated, and then sprayed out at a certain interval to form a massage water flow. The massage water has strong outflow, and this pulse water flow can stimulate every acupuncture point of the body, play the role of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, and has both massage and refreshing effects. This shower head is suitable for men in the office.

5. Strong jet type
The water flows out strongly, and the mist effect can be generated through the collision between the water flows, which can increase the showering interest.

Classified by material

In terms of material, there are several types of shower heads, including copper, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, and plastic.

1. Plastic material shower heads
Plastic shower heads now have good engineering plastic properties, good strength, and heat resistance. The plastic material is still very affordable in price, and its disadvantage is that it is easily deformed by heating.

2. Stainless steel shower heads
It has the advantages of wear resistance, no rust, and affordable prices. The disadvantage is that the shower head made of stainless steel is relatively simple in style.

3. Aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy shower heads
Its advantages are not afraid of wear, lightweight, and durable. The disadvantage is that it may get black after a long time.

4. Copper plated shower heads
The copper-plated shower head has the advantages of many styles and moderate prices. The disadvantage is that it is afraid of abrasion. Better electroplating will also fall off in a humid environment all year round. The plating layer is thin, and it will not take long for the plating to fall off and be easily deformed.

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