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Now, in order to enjoy life, people will put a bathtub in the bathroom, and take a hot bath when tired, so that people can be relaxed. However, the styles, shapes, and sizes of bathtubs on the market are different. In fact, the sizes of bathtubs of different shapes are different.

There are heart-shaped, round, oval, rectangular, triangular, and other styles.

1. The heart-shaped bathtub

Most heart-shaped bathtubs are placed in the corners of the rooms. Although they occupy a relatively large area, some bathroom corners are designed to be used, and the heart-shaped shape is very cute, which is popular with girls. Heart-shaped bathtubs generally have a regular shape of 1.5 meters on both sides, and some are not necessarily the same on both sides. When you buy, you must measure the size of the bathroom before buying it.

2. The round bathtub

The round bathtub is very popular, but it is not suitable for every bathroom. The area of the round bathtub is relatively large, so it requires a lot of space. The round bathtub is not a space-saving option, so it is not suitable for a small bathroom. However, it can become a highlight of the bathroom, giving a fantastic visual effect. The round bathtub can also be equipped with spa jets. Bathing in such a bathtub will give you extraordinary enjoyment.

3. The oval bathtub

The oval bathtub is a kind of bathtub with an oval appearance. The shape of the oval bathtub is suitable for most styles of bathrooms. The oval bathtub is relatively safe. If a person slips in the bathroom and hits a bathtub with square corners, it is bound to be injured. The oval bathtub has round corners and soft curves, which can effectively avoid injuries and is safe for families with children. There are many forms of oval bathtubs. Oval bathtubs look elegant and natural, and naturally form a backrest, making bathing more comfortable.

4. The rectangular bathtub

The rectangular bathtub is a classic bathtub. The rectangular bathtub is suitable for all sizes of bathrooms. This bathtub shape is particularly suitable for narrow and long bathrooms because you can place it in the appropriate position according to the different layout of the bathroom. It is a good way to use the corner space of a small bathroom. The internal shape of the rectangular bathtub can be changed, usually oval, and the width is usually between 80cm and 100 cm. Of course, you can also customize it according to your comfort and preferences.

When buying a favorite bathtub for your home, in addition to paying attention to the material of the bathtub, it is also important to consider whether its shape and size are suitable for your bathroom, which is related to the beauty of the bathroom and the comfort of future use.

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