How to choose the right type of bathroom basins

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Today’s decoration materials are varied, and various styles and materials are eye-catching. For the most common bathroom basin in the bathroom, it is not easy to choose a practical and beautiful one! Today we will discuss it together, hoping to give you some help.

At present, the most common bathroom basins on the market are nothing more than above counter basins, under-mount basins, and freestanding basins. What is the difference between these three? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Which is best for your family?

1. Above counter basins

Above counter basin is that the edge is higher than the countertop, and the decorative effect is obvious, which can improve the value of the bathroom. But it is also quite troublesome to clean, and the bottom of the basin is easy to hide dirt.

Above counter basins are more beautiful and have a variety of shapes, you can choose according to your favorite shape. It is easy to install and disassemble. If you want to change a new basin, you can directly remove it and install a new one.

The above counter basin is more troublesome to clean, and the area between the basin and the countertop and the area between the basin and the wall are not easy to clean. In addition, the bathroom basin and the countertop are glued with glass glue. After a long time, the glass glue is easy to change color or mildew.

2. Under-mount basins

The under-mount basin is to embed the bathroom basin under the countertop, which is more troublesome during installation. The advantage is that it is easy to clean and it looks simple and clean.

The under-mount basin is very easy to take care of, and the countertop is easy to clean. It seems to be integrated with the countertop, which is more beautiful.

Relatively speaking, the installation of the under-mount basin is more troublesome. The gap between the basin and the countertop is bonded with a strong adhesive. If you want to replace the basin, you may need to replace the countertop as well. In addition, no matter how strong the glue is, the load-bearing is uncertain, and there is a risk of the basin falling.

3. Freestanding basins

The freestanding basin is supported by a column under the bathroom basin. The advantage is that it can hide the sewer pipe, which is beautiful, but it is not very practical.

The freestanding basin is a bathroom basin supported by a pillar underneath. It used to be a common type, but nowadays few people basically use this kind of bathroom basin.

There are many shortcomings of the freestanding basin. After all, it only depends on a column to bear the weight. During use, it may even be unstable that the entire bathroom basin is swaying.

However, the freestanding basin also has a unique advantage. It can hide the messy sewer pipes, and it is easy to install and takes up little space. Therefore, in general, the freestanding basin is more suitable for single apartments or small bathrooms.

In general, different bathroom basins have different advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right bathroom basin will make life more comfortable. The key to choosing a bathroom basin depends on personal preferences and aesthetics.

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