How to choose the right shower

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What are the characteristics of different types of shower heads?

1. The hand-held shower head: this shower head has the biggest advantage that it can be used in the direction of rotation in the hand, which is more flexible. However, this is also a disadvantage of the hand-held shower head. Holding the shower head in one hand may cause some inconvenience during showering, but the shower head can be placed on the bracket for temporary fixation.

2. The overhead shower head: the advantage of the overhead shower head is its convenience, you can take a shower without holding the shower head with your hand, its bracket is inside the wall, so the shower is immovable, you need to turn your own body when you take a shower.

3. The side shower head: this shower head is also fixed in the wall and sprays water on the side of the body. The advantage is that there are many different installation angles and positions, but the disadvantage is that the shower head itself cannot be moved.

What material makes the shower durable?

1. Generally speaking, the material of the shower faucet is generally made of copper, because copper is less prone to rust than other metals such as steel. The outer surface of the shower head should be electroplated 5 times. This kind of shower is durable. Because the bathroom is very wet, the bathroom hardware is best made of aluminum, also known as space aluminum.

2. The material of the spool of the shower head is best to use high hardness ceramics. The spool made of ceramics has good sealing performance, durable and not rusty, and will not be jerky when used.

3. There are various metal hoses, braided pipes, PVC reinforced pipes, etc. for different shower hoses. There are some differences in different materials. There is no absolute answer to which is better. When buying, it depends on the flatness of the hose surface, uniform gap, smooth feel, natural unfolding, firm structure, strong resistance to damage, etc.

When we buy showers, we should pay attention to the quality of the showers, and choose some shower types that are more suitable for us, so that they will be more comfortable to use. The shower is used in the bathroom, so the water-saving function is the key point to consider when choosing a shower.

The shower is a bathroom product that we use in the shower. There are many types and styles of the shower. You can choose the type you are satisfied with. After this introduction, I believe everyone has a new understanding of the shower, and I hope you can choose a shower that suits you when choosing a bathroom.

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