How to choose the right bathtub for your home

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Today’s bathtub is a very common bathing tool. Now the bathtub is rich in materials and has many styles, with different shapes and different colors.

People have more choices when buying bathtubs, which also indicates that consumers are particularly easy to be confused when buying bathtubs so that they can’t choose a bathtub that satisfies themselves. This article will tell you how to choose the right bathtub for your home.

1. Shape

Determine the size and shape of the bathtub according to the area and shape of the bathroom. At this time, you can ask the designer’s advice to choose a reasonable location for the bathtub to place, which can occupy a smaller space.

There are heart-shaped bathtub, round bathtub, triangular bathtub, rectangular bathtub, oval bathtub, fan-shaped bathtub, etc.

The length of square bathtubs is generally from 1500mm to 1900mm, but most of them are 1700mm long. The width square bathtubs is basically from 700mm to 900mm, most of them are 800mm wide.

Generally, the diameter of round bathtubs is between 1500mm and 1800mm, and the volume is relatively large, which is generally suitable for large bathrooms.

Most oval bathtubs are about the same size as square bathtubs. There is a kind of oval bathtub with a length of less than 1400mm and a relatively high height. It is mainly made of wood.

The fan-shaped bathtub is suitable for the case where there is a special space in the bathroom, for example, it can be installed at the corner. The diameter of the fan-shaped bathtub is similar to the common size of the circular bathtub, and the diameter of the smallest fan-shaped bathtub is at least 1300mm.

2. Material

No matter what kind of material is used for the bathtub, the bathtub you choose should be thick, durable, smooth, dense, free from scratches and cracks, and have a good load-bearing capacity.

The cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron and the surface is covered with enamel, so the weight is very large. The cast iron bathtub is smooth and lustrous, low noise, easy to clean, and durable. But the price is higher.

Acrylic bathtubs are made of artificial organic materials. Acrylic bathtubs have various shapes, and most of the interiors are shaped according to the curve of the human body. The acrylic bathtub has good thermal insulation effect and is easy to install, but the surface is easy to be scratched.

The material of the wood bathtub is solid wood. The wood bathtub has the advantages of thermal insulation, environmental protection, small footprint, easy cleaning, long life, and easy installation. It is easy to crack under long-term dry conditions.

Since the characteristics of each material are different, the performance of the bathtub made of each material is also different.

3. Function

When buying a high-end bathtub, it is best to try the function in advance. The massage bathtub is a relatively high-end bathtub. When choosing a massage bathtub, the key is to look at its engine and choose an engine with low noise.

4. Anti-skid

The bottom of the bathtub should have anti-skid treatment, which is very important for the safety of use and cannot be ignored.

5. Appearance

When buying a bathtub, you should pay attention to the appearance of the bathtub. You should look at the surface of the bathtub to see if it is smooth if the color is bright if there are pinholes or bubbles. After that, you have to touch it to see if its surface is really smooth. Then, you have to knock on the bathtub and listen to its sound.

6. Thickness

The thickness of the bathtub will affect the thermal insulation effect of the bathtub, and will also affect the firmness of the bathtub. When buying a bathtub, touch the bathtub with your hand and feel the thickness of the bathtub.

7. Motor

A good motor has high horsepower and low noise. A good motor basically makes no sound or faint sound. But a poor motor makes a loud noise.

8. Service

Generally speaking, bathtubs are provided with free installation and 3 to 5 years of warranty service. When buying a bathtub, you should clarify the warranty terms.

To choose a good bathtub, the factors to consider include not only its shape and style but also its comfort, safety, materials, texture, and manufacturer.

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