How to choose the right bathroom vanity

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The bathroom vanity is an indispensable product in the bathroom at home. It can not only solve the problem of washing but also meet the needs of storage. According to different installation methods, bathroom vanities can be roughly divided into two types: freestanding bathroom vanities and wall hung bathroom vanities.

Freestanding bathroom vanities

The bottom of this bathroom vanity is in contact with the bathroom floor. It is simple and convenient to install, and the storage space is large. At the same time, because it is placed on the ground, it can store heavy debris.

Freestanding bathroom vanities are placed directly on the ground, mostly placed against the wall, mainly supported by the ground.

The advantages of freestanding bathroom vanities:
(1) It is not affected by the wall, and the layout is flexible.

(2) Since the ground is the supporting point at this time, heavy objects can be stored and the storage space is large.

(3) It is simple and convenient to install.

The disadvantages of freestanding bathroom vanities:
(1) Because the water vapor comes from the ground, the bathroom vanities are mostly made of solid wood, so it is easy to get wet after a long time.

(2) Occupy space. Freestanding bathroom vanities are usually larger in size, so they occupy more space on the floor. They are not suitable for small bathrooms, as the toilets will appear crowded.

(3) It is more difficult to clean.

(4) The price is more expensive.

Wall hung bathroom vanities

The wall hung bathroom vanity is directly embedded in the wall, so the bottom of the bathroom vanity is not in contact with the bathroom floor, and it is more suitable for small-sized bathrooms where dry and wet separation is not possible. But because it is light and compact, the storage space will be greatly reduced.

The advantages of wall hung bathroom vanities:
(1) Prevent the bathroom vanity from being affected by moisture. Because this bathroom vanity is hung on the wall, it does not directly contact the ground, and there is a certain distance from the ground, so it can reduce the moisture of the bathroom from entering the vanity and extend the service life of the bathroom vanity.

(2) Save space. For small bathrooms, wall hung bathroom vanities are a good choice, do not occupy floor space, and are mostly small and light.

(3) Easy to clean. Because it is suspended, the floor under the bathroom vanity is easier to clean.

(4) The price is affordable.

The disadvantages of wall hung bathroom vanities:
(1) It needs to be installed on a load-bearing wall or solid wall. Most of the bathroom vanities are made of wood and have a certain weight, so there are certain requirements for the wall. If the wall cannot bear the weight of the bathroom vanity, the bathroom vanity is prone to fall and there is a great hidden danger.

(2) Because the location of the wall-mounted bathroom vanity is relatively high, it is not very convenient for short people or children.

(3) Difficult to install. There are two installation methods for bathroom vanities. One is to hide the drain pipe through a solid wall. The other is that the drain pipe directly leads to the sewer. This is directly related to its aesthetic and decorative. Generally speaking, it is more beautiful to hide the drain pipe through a solid wall. If the drain pipe directly leads to the sewer, the drain pipe is easily exposed, easy to damage, and not beautiful.

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