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In daily life, we can see taps everywhere, such as kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, etc. The taps are also related to our health. Whether it is cooking or cleaning, we must obtain water from the tap. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the tap in the home, especially the tap in the kitchen.

How to pick the tap

1. The kitchen tap can rotate 360 degrees

The kitchen faucet should be taller, which is more convenient to use. The faucet should be extended above the drain, and it will not splash water. In order to meet various needs, the kitchen tap should be rotated left and right, and it can also be used for the left and right sinks. The faucet of the tap should be able to rotate up and down 360 degrees.

2. The material of stainless steel is preferred

The material of the kitchen tap is generally brass, but due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, the pure copper tap is not necessarily the best choice. Generally, there is electroplating on the outermost layer. In order to prevent the internal brass from corrosion and rust, you can clean the tap with detergent, but it is very likely to damage the electroplating layer of the tap, causing the tap to be corroded and rusted, so the all-copper faucet is not suitable for the kitchen.

Compared with the pure copper tap, the tap made of high-quality 304 stainless steel has the characteristics of no lead, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no corrosion, no release of harmful substances, and no pollution to the water source, which is beneficial to drinking water. Moreover, the stainless steel tap does not need electroplating and is not easy to rust. Its hardness and toughness are more than twice higher than that of copper products. It is easy to clean, but the price is relatively high.

3. Pay attention to whether the length of the faucet can take care of both sinks

If the kitchen has a double basin sink, pay attention to whether the length of the faucet can take into account the sinks on both sides when rotating. Nowadays, At present, the body of most kitchen taps can be rotated left and right, especially the pull-out tap can draw out the faucet for easy cleaning to all corners of the sink, but you need to free one hand to hold the faucet.

The 4 points of choosing a kitchen tap

The kitchen tap can be roughly divided into 4 parts in structure, namely the water outlet part, the control part, the fixed part, and the water inlet part. So in view of these 4 parts, sum up 4 purchase points:

1. Water outlet

Nowadays, the shape of the water outlet part of the kitchen tap is generally curved downward. When purchasing a tap, the main material is the choice. Nowadays, the main materials of the tap on the market are copper and stainless steel. However, when choosing a copper tap, pay attention to the lead content. If the lead content is likely to exceed the standard, it will bring secondary pollution to drinking water, so when choosing a tap, pay attention to the choice of the material of the water outlet.

2. Control part

The control part of the kitchen tap uses a handle to control the amount of water and the hot and cold water. The core of the control part is the spool accessories, so when purchasing, you must pay special attention to the spool accessories of the tap.

3. Fixed part

The most common fixing parts of the kitchen tap are the pins and horseshoes. Generally speaking, the fixing effect of the pins is better than that of the horseshoes, so it is more recommended to choose the pins for fixing.

4. Water inlet part

The water inlet port of the kitchen faucet is a hose. Generally speaking, the merchant will give a hose, but when choosing, you can choose according to the actual length of your home.

The quality of the tap is related to the safety of our daily water. When you buy a kitchen tap, you must choose a trustworthy brand, a good brand product, the quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is perfect.

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