How to choose a shower room glass door

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In modern life, more and more items are designed with everyone’s feelings when they are used, so the comfort level has been improved a lot, and the most important item is the current shower room. Many people have newly installed shower rooms in their homes. However, there may be problems in several aspects of the shower room because it is not installed properly. Then how to choose a shower room glass door?

1. Choose tempered glass

Tempered glass requires that the product certificate has a quality certification mark. In addition, when we wear polarized sunglasses to look at the glass, the tempered glass should show colorful stripes, and it will also have blue spots on the side with the eye. You can pay attention to the curvature of tempered glass. Its flatness is not as flat as that of ordinary glass, but it has a sense of unevenness. The longer sides will have a certain curvature.

Glass tempering degree: The glass door of the shower room requires the tempering degree of the tempered glass. The thickness of the glass mainly depends on the design of the shower room. Therefore, the thicker the tempered glass is not the better.

Observe the logo and certification: When buying a shower room glass door, you should buy products with outer packaging, brand, factory address, and certification. The most important thing is to recognize the quality certification and brand logo of tempered glass on the glass.

Buy well-known brands: In order to reduce costs, many small manufacturers use semi-tempered glass or hot-bent glass. The shower room made of this glass is susceptible to external factors and may burst, and damage cannot be avoided.

Listen to the sound of glass: When choosing the glass door of the shower room, knock on the glass with your knuckles, and listen to the sound from the glass. If the sound is crisp, it is tempered glass, and if the sound is dull, it is ordinary glass. The hardness of ordinary glass is unknown. Enough, the pressure and impact force it can withstand is not enough, and it is still prone to bursting during use.

Pay attention to hardware: the hardware accessories of the shower room glass door can not be ignored, especially the handle, roller, etc. Because if a small corner of the tempered glass is damaged, the whole glass will automatically burst.

2. Attach explosion-proof film

Shower room products on the market, due to aesthetic reasons, generally do not have an explosion-proof film on the glass. Attaching the explosion-proof film by yourself can prevent glass fragments from splashing when the glass explodes.

3. Focus on protecting the corners of the glass

The middle part of the tempered glass is firm, and the corners and edges are weak. Once there are cracks in these parts, it is easy to smash the whole piece of glass. Have you noticed that the location of the safety hammer marked on the bus window glass is on the corner of the glass, which is precisely the use of the characteristic of tempered glass? As for the shower room, we don’t want the glass to break. Therefore, in our daily life, we must pay attention to protecting the corners of the glass and regularly check whether there are cracks in the corners.

Home is a safe haven. After a day’s hard work, we always feel full of happiness when we get home. Take a comfortable bath to welcome the end of the day. But if there are potential dangers in the home, everything will be wiped out, so we must pay attention to the safety of the home. The choice and installation of shower glass doors seriously affect our safety, so we must carefully choose the shower glass door and install it correctly to make the home safer.

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