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Shower heads are generally installed in the bathroom of the room for our hair washing and bathing. But a good shower can let you and your family feel cool, but also let your body and mind get a moment of rest. Therefore, how to choose a good shower head? Now, how many kinds of shower materials are there?

1. There are several materials for the shower head

A. Plastic material

For the plastic shower head, the water outlet is basically made of silica gel. However, it is easy to be blocked by scale after using it for a long time, so regular cleaning is required. However, the overall performance of the plastic shower head is fairly good, and the strength and heat resistance are also good, and the price is quite affordable.

B. Stainless steel material

The stainless steel shower head has the advantages of wear resistance, rust resistance, and affordable price. However, the disadvantage is that the stainless steel shower head has a simple style and the customer has a small range of choices.

C. Aluminum alloy material

The shower head made of aluminum alloy is not only light in texture but also very durable and not afraid of wear. But if it is used for a long time, the shower will turn black.

D. Copper chrome-plated material

This material is also divided into hollow copper chrome plating and full copper solid chrome plating, which are different. There are many styles of hollow copper, and the price is relatively low, but it is easy to cause the electroplating layer to fall off in a humid environment all the year round. The solid copper plating layer is thicker, strong, and durable, but the price is higher.

2. How to choose a good shower head

A. Look at the material

The surface of a good-quality shower should be as bright as a mirror without any oxidation spots or burn marks. Of course, this is also because the product has been electroplated, the good tube body is made of copper, and the surface has been polished, dust-removed, chrome-plated, and other processes, which can ensure that the shower head will not be easy to turn black in a humid environment. When choosing, consumers can also use their hands to touch, if the feel is poor, then it is best not to buy this kind of shower.

B. Look at the nozzle

It is normal that the water outlet of the shower is easy to be blocked. If it is used for a long time, it will inevitably deposit scale. If it is not cleaned in time, it will not only not be able to discharge water, but also affect the normal use. Therefore, in order to avoid the blockage of the water outlet caused by poor water quality, a well-designed shower head should be selected, which is practical and easy to clean.

C. Look at the way the water comes out

Water-saving function is one of the key points to consider when purchasing a shower head. If the water from the top spray hole is obviously small or there is no water at all, it means that the internal design of the shower head is very bad. Even if there are many kinds of water outlet methods, such as shooting and spraying, the users can not get the corresponding comfortable experience. Therefore, the water outlet way of the shower head is very important.

The above is the introduction of how to choose the shower head and the material of the shower head. I believe that everyone should have a clear direction when choosing the shower head in the future.

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