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With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to the details of life. The toilet is the most used bathroom product in our daily life, and it is used every day. Its selection will directly affect our daily life. Do you really know how to buy toilets that are used frequently?

1. Look at the appearance and glaze

First of all, we must choose the appearance and shape of the toilet, to see whether it meets the style of home decoration. Only in this way can the overall look of the home decoration be reasonable, without being mixed. Then look at the glaze, mainly to see its gloss and uniformity, you can use the mobile phone light to illuminate the toilet surface to observe whether the glaze has snowflakes. The high-temperature ceramics are fully vitrified, the surface is smooth and delicate, no defects and the uniform glaze is not easy to get dirty. The appearance of snowflakes indicates that the toilet has been coated with microcrystalline anti-fouling glaze. The fineness of the nano-level makes the dirt difficult to adhere to, effectively avoiding the growth of bacteria, and the dirt can be washed off by gently pressing the flush button.

2. Look at the size

Measure the size of the toilet to see whether the toilet meets the size of the place where it will be placed in the bathroom at home. In particular, whether the distance between the water outlet of the base and the rear wall of the toilet tank is the distance between the water outlet of the bathroom in the home and the wall. If these sizes cannot be met, they cannot be purchased.

3. Look at the impulse

Today’s toilet suppliers all claim that their toilets not only save water but also have strong impulse. They use various advanced technologies. In fact, you can do a test to determine how strong the impulse is. You can bring a table tennis ball in advance and put it in the test toilet to see if it can be washed away. If it can be completed, the impulse can reach the standard, and on this basis, it can be judged whether the toilet is water-saving.

4. Look at the water tank

To check the water tank, on the one hand, check the water valves and buttons in the water tank; on the other hand, check the size of the water tank and whether there is any water leakage. When observing the water valve and the button, it is necessary to see whether the water valve is closed and whether the button has a sense of resistance, because every time you use the toilet, you must press the water valve button to flush the toilet with water. If these parts are unqualified, it will cause insufficient water in the toilet or water leaking in the water tank.

5. Look at the design of pipes and water covers

Check the pipes of the toilets. Table tennis balls, golf balls, etc. can pass through the big and thick pipes. If there is a section prop of the toilet in the store, pay attention to whether the glaze is applied to the pipe. The glaze of the pipe can make the siphon stronger and the sewage discharge smoother. The slope design is superior to the steep slope, which can make the dirt slide along the slope to the sewage outlet and effectively prevent water splashing. A toilet with a large water cover is better than a toilet with a small water cover, which can prevent odor and noise.

6. Check the toilet seat

The toilet seat generally uses durable PP material and UF material. You can press it with your hands, or if there are props in the store, you can test the hardness and strength of the toilet seat by stepping on it. At the same time, try to open and close the toilet seat, listen to the sound. A good toilet seat generally adopts a detachable and humanized design, which is convenient for cleaning.

7. Weigh the weight

A normal toilet weighs about 50 pounds, and a good toilet weighs about 100 pounds. The heavy-weight toilet has high density and good quality.

The toilet is one of the most commonly used sanitary wares in life, it is particularly important to purchase the right toilet. When buying a toilet, not only should you pay attention to whether the toilet is beautiful, but you also need to understand how the toilet flushes.

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