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We attach great importance to toilets, washbasins, shower rooms, and bathroom cabinets in the bathroom, but do you pay attention to other items such as bathroom partitions, towel racks, bathroom mirrors, etc. The role of bathroom mirrors cannot be underestimated.

The bathroom is the place where we visit the most every day except for the living room and bedroom. In the bathroom, the role of the bathroom mirror cannot be underestimated. The clear and bright bathroom mirror can bring people a good mood when washing and dressing.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a bathroom mirror?

1. Imaging effect

In terms of the imaging effect of the mirror, assuming that the thickness of the mirror is 5mm, then the image can not be deformed or skewed within a distance of two meters, and when using the mirror, pay attention to the straight objects in the far distance of the mirror. If the linear object is not deformed, the imaging effect of the mirror is good.

2. Thickness

Generally speaking, the thicker the mirror, the better the quality. But some people choose thinner bathroom mirrors to save money. Too thin mirrors are easy to break, and the thinner the mirror, the darker the color of the mirror, and the coating behind it will be thinner. So, thick bathroom mirrors are good.

3. Appearance

Observe the appearance of the mirror. If there are bubbles, debris, glass defects, discoloration on the surface, or the brightness of the mirror is darkened, the edge of the mirror is black, etc., the quality of such mirrors is generally poor, and the processing is relatively rough, so it is not recommended to buy such a mirror.

4. Craftsmanship

In order to protect silver ions from reacting with moisture in the air and avoid spots on the lenses, good-quality bathroom mirrors will be coated with a copper film on the silver film, and at the same time, a layer of primer and topcoat is added for protection to extend the life of the mirror.

5. Material

There are generally two types of bathroom mirrors on the market, namely aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. The silver mirror is formed by silver electroplating, and the aluminum mirror uses metal aluminum. Although the appearance of the two mirrors is very similar, the use effect is different. The effect of silver mirrors is better than that of aluminum mirrors, so the cost is also higher. In the long run, silver mirrors are better.

6. Height

When installing a bathroom mirror, the height is the first consideration. Because people generally stand in the bathroom and look at the mirror, the height of the bathroom mirror should be adjusted according to the height of the family members. The height of the bathroom mirror from the ground should be kept at 1.3 meters, usually, people will choose to keep the center of the mirror at a height of 160cm-165cm from the ground.

Bathroom mirrors can almost be said to be indispensable in the bathroom. In order to choose higher quality and more satisfactory mirror, you need to choose carefully!

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