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The toilet is a great invention in human history. There are many types of toilets on the market. Toilets are durable goods, so you need to be cautious before buying them. Functionality is the primary standard for buying toilets. What are the tips for buying toilets? How to distinguish the quality of toilets? This article will tell you the professional knowledge you need to know when buying toilets.

1. Classification of toilets

There are many classification standards for toilets, which can be classified according to type, structure, installation method, drainage direction, and user group. Different types of toilets have their own advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different families.

One-Piece Toilets & Two-Piece Toilets

When choosing a toilet, whether to choose a one-piece toilet or a two-piece toilet depends on the size of the bathroom. The two-piece toilet is more traditional. In production, the base and the water tank are connected with screws and sealing rings in the later stage, which occupies a large space and is easy to hide dirt at the joint. The one-piece toilet is integrally formed, which is more modern and high-end, beautiful in shape, and rich in choices. But the price is relatively high.

Flush Toilets & Siphon Toilets

The flush toilet directly discharges the dirt by the force of water flow. Since the flush toilet uses the powerful kinetic energy of the water flow to expel the dirt, the sound impacting the pipe wall is relatively loud. The diameter of flush toilet drain pipes is large, and it is easy to flush out large dirt.

The siphon toilets are divided into vortex siphon toilets and jet siphon toilets. The siphon toilet uses the flushing water to form a siphon effect in the sewage pipe to discharge the dirt. The pipe in the siphon toilet has an inverted “S” shape. The siphon toilet has a small sewage outlet, and it is quiet when used.

2. Tips for buying toilets

The glaze of a good-quality toilet should be bright and smooth without bubbles. After checking the glaze on the outer surface, you should also touch the toilet drain, if it is rough, it will easily cause blockage in the future.

The heavier the toilet, the better. The weight of an ordinary toilet is about 50 kg, and that of a good toilet is about 100 kg.

The toilet with a large-diameter sewage pipe can discharge sewage fast and powerfully, which can effectively prevent clogging. The toilet with the inner surface glazed is not easy to get dirty.

Water tank
Prevent water leakage from the water tank. In addition to the obvious sound of dripping water, the leak of the toilet tank is generally not easy to notice.

Water valve
The water valve directly determines the life of the toilet. The quality of the water valve of a good toilet and an ordinary toilet is very different, so when choosing a toilet, don’t ignore the water valve.

3. Tips for toilet maintenance

Avoid clogging
When using the toilet, do not pour newspapers, paper pads, sanitary napkins, and other easily clogged items into the toilet. Long-term blockage of the toilet will cause an odor in the bathroom, and shorten the life of the toilet.

Avoid being hit
If you want to keep the toilet intact after using it for a long time, you should pay attention not to hit the toilet with hard objects, and avoid hitting the toilet seats hard, so as to avoid damage and water leakage.

Clean the toilet properly
To keep the toilet surface clean, please use a nylon brush (a toothbrush is also acceptable) and soapy water or neutral detergent to clean. It is strictly forbidden to clean with a steel brush and strong organic solution, so as not to damage the toilet glaze and erode the pipeline.

The toilet is a frequently used item in our home. Only a good quality toilet can bring a lot of convenience to the family.

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