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Tap is an indispensable necessity in our daily life, especially when our hands are dirty, or just after going to the toilet and so on, it is very necessary to use it to help us clean our hands, and it is necessary to install one in the kitchen, balcony, or bathroom. So, how to buy bathroom taps?

1. Function

Which tap is better for the kitchen and bathroom? The purpose of the tap is to control the size of the water flow to save water. It is important to look at the range of the water flow that the tap can control after turning on the tap. If the water flow is too small, the cleaning effect will be halved during use. If the water flow is too large, It may be a waste of resources. In addition, everyone should pay attention to the effect of tap hardware to control the temperature of the outlet water. Some taps can adjust the water temperature through cold and hot water, which can be adjusted and used according to your own habits; some taps have the function of setting the water temperature, and you can use it after adjusting the water temperature. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms have different requirements for the function of taps due to different needs. When choosing, they are classified according to the actual situation, and cannot be generalized.

2. Style

There are many classifications of taps in style. According to the type of switch, there are screw type, wrench type, lift type, and induction type. The screw-type tap is gradually “disliked” by people. The screw-type tap needs to be twisted a lot to open when in use, which is very inconvenient. The other three types are more popular with the public. The wrench-type and lift-type taps can control the water flow by controlling the angle of the switch. Although the inductive switch tap has a worse function of adjusting the water flow, it can directly discharge water without touching the surface of the tap. It can automatically stop after water is used, reducing the loss of the tap itself, and because of less contact, the surface of the tap is not too dirty.

3. Material

What kind of tap is best to use? According to the material, there are multiple choices such as stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, and polymer composite materials. It is usually felt that stainless steel has excellent anti-rust properties, and will not affect water due to rust stains caused by long-term erosion of water. The surface of brass taps is generally treated with plating, which can keep it bright and not rusty after long-term use. For kitchen and bathroom taps made of zinc alloy, it is recommended to choose carefully. The zinc element flows out with the water and enters the human body through long-term use, which will have certain health effects. How to distinguish these kinds of materials? From the appearance point of view, the presence of the coating conceals the original material, which is not easy to distinguish. You can look at the material inside the tap interface at the bottom and make a preliminary distinction by color. Another way is to feel the weight by hand comparison. The brass material is relatively heavier.

4. Internal structure

The key factor affecting the quality of the tap should be the valve core. Generally, there is rubber, ceramic, and stainless steel. The rubber valve core exists at the same time as the screw-type tap, which basically fades out of the range of people’s choices. Ceramic and stainless steel products are more popular because of their better quality. For some areas with poor water quality, stainless steel valve cores are generally chosen because they are stronger and durable to maintain their original state.

How to choose the bathroom tap and what kind of material is better to use? Tap is an important hardware accessory at home. Its quality is related to daily life and our health. When choosing a tap, its material, function, style, and other aspects should be considered.

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