How Much Do Shower Screens Cost? Can My Budget Handle It?

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If you are planning to build your own home (from scratch) or are in the process of upgrading your bathroom, then you are probably thinking of how to improve your bathing experience.

One way to achieve that elevated bathing experience is through shower screens. These shower screens are way above the shower curtains you may ever see. Shower screens give a fancy, modish, and pleasing look to a bathroom and also make bathrooms look bigger since the view is not cut-off.  Besides, these screens allow more light making your bathroom brighter. But how much do they cost? The answer is it depends. And if you want to know more details about their tags, continue reading below.  

how much do shower screens cost

How Much Do Shower Screens Cost? The Real Tag

Shower screens are not all the same. They are varied in type as they may be made of different materials. Common bathroom specifications like size and customer preferences like the color also contribute to these differences. They are also different in design as some are framed shower screens while others are frameless just like MyHomeware’s gunmetal grey frameless shower screens. There are also semi-frameless shower screens that combine the characteristics of the two. So the cost of shower screens are also different. Here let’s see their cost by type.

Shower Screen Cost by Types

If you are asking, “how much does a shower screen cost?” or wondering about things like the cost of frameless shower screens, semi frameless shower screens cost, or the price tag of a framed one, then the answer will be dependent on a lot of things. But generally, their price range is within the given values below.

  1. Framed shower screen $300 – $500
  2. Semi-frameless shower screen $300 – $800
  3. Frameless shower screen $500 – 1200
  4. Pivot door shower screen $700 – $900
  5. Sliding shower screen $600 – $1000

The price range of these shower screen types may seem too big. But the thing is, it is also influenced by other factors aside from the type. Is it custom-made or pre-made? How thick is it? These sorts of things make a lot of difference. Naturally, custom-made glass shower screens are more expensive than pre-made ones. The brand is another consideration. Shower screens from established and mainstay names in the industry are quite expensive. The aesthetic quality and thickness that is consequential to the durability also influence the prices of the glass shower screens. So check out more online before you finally decide which shower screen is the right one.

How Much Does Shower Screen Installation Cost?

cost of shower screen installation

Aside from the cost of the shower glass, you also need to consider the screen door installation cost. Now, you can install it on your own or hire professionals to do it. As glass is a delicate thing, it may involve lots of risks if you do it by yourself. So you better think twice before doing the installation.

The better choice is to hire somebody to install the shower screen for you (especially if this is your first time). So, what is the cost of shower screen installation? Typically it’s between $45 to $60 per hour to do it. But it also varies depending on the size of your shower screen, how professional the people you hired are if there is another shower door to be removed, or other factors. And if you currently have a shower screen and only just want to change the panels, then the shower screen replacement cost may be cheaper. However, it will be best to prepare about $200 to $550 (average cost) to cover all fees.

Current Shower Screen Trends

price of shower screens

A lot of trends are ongoing lately, and shower screens are not one to be left. Here are some of the current shower trends that you can also consider when buying your bathroom shower screen.

1. Colored shower screens

People want their bathroom to match their personalities and taste; shower screens are not exempted from this. Hence, colored shower screens are becoming popular. After all, frames that are powder-coated in different colors, from black, white, brown, pink, etc., can allow people to create a space unique to their bathroom.

2. Metallic material.

Hardware in brass, bronze, weathered bronze, gunmetal, and copper are all extremely popular these days.

3. Curved style

The variation adds “personality” to one’s bathroom. Curved lines are subtle and can do a lot. Curved shower screens, for instance, can be used to soften sharp bathroom lines. And this fact did not escape the “trending scene” as the curve lines in shower screens, when added to other curvy bathroom elements such as an arching vanity mirror, can make a bold statement.


Shower screens are truly convenient and modish bathroom articles you must have. Now in choosing your own, do not solely rely on your preference; you should also consider your budget versus the shower screen installation cost and, of course, the price of the shower screen itself. The question “how much do shower screens cost?” will pop naturally. Indeed, some shower screens are costly, but some are not; in short, you have options.

FAQs About Shower Screen Costs

How Long Does a Custom-Built Shower Screen Take?

If you are planning to have a custom-built shower, then you might be looking for around a week before it can be ready for installation. Now, bear in mind that this can also be longer if you factor in unexpected circumstances.

What Are the Typical Sizes of Shower Screens?

Most shower screens follow the standard size of 66cm to 140cm in width and 100cm to 210cm in height. The only exception to this standard range is the custom-made ones.

Is Shower Glass Coating Worth It?

It depends. Shower glass coating is beneficial if you are living in an area with hard water (water with lots of calcium and magnesium) as it helps in preventing mineral buildup. But if the water in your place is not mineral rich, then it may not be necessary.

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