How long does a Bathroom Renovation take? [Updated]

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Your bathroom is the most used room in your house, so there is no reason that it should not be renovated in a timely matter. The real question is how long does a bathroom renovation take? Well, there is no fixed answer to this question. However, this article goes through all possible factors that go into a bathroom renovation. 

Demolition: Estimated Time 2-5 Days

Once your plan is ready, it is time for demolition! The estimated time this process takes depends on the type of material your bathroom is made out of. 

For example, a bathroom made up of timber and sheet walls can take two to three days. However, a bathroom made from solid bricks will take longer. If you were planning on changing the outlay of your bathroom, new structural beams will be added at this point. 

How long does a bathroom renovation take
Preparation to restore the bathroom

The Groundwork for the New Bathroom: Estimated Time 2-5 Days

Once the demolishing process is complete, it is easier for the plumbers and electricians to come in and do a rough fit. In this phase, they install all the wiring and plumbing in place. However, they don’t connect any of it while building work is still ongoing. This process is also when carpenters, plasterers and tilers come in and construct the walls that need putting up rendering and surfaces, making them ready for tiling. 

How long does a bathroom renovation take
Plumber at work in a bathroom

Fitting your New Features: Estimated Time 5-10 Days

This phase is the most exciting part of your bathroom renovation. At this stage you actually see your new bathroom design come to life! Essential tasks such as tiling and painting, grouting on the walls or floors and waterproofing will be completed first. 

During this phase, most people start to question how long does a bathroom renovation take? The majority of these tasks involve drying time, so do not panic if you notice a lack of activity in this phase!

With everything in place, the plumber will complete the connections for your appliances. While your electrician will reconnect the electrics for your lights and other necessities. Glass elements like the shower doors and mirrors are fitted last, just to ensure no damage is done while construction is in progress.  

How long does a bathroom renovation take
Installing tiles, bathroom in final stages

The Finishing Touches: Estimated Time 1 day

Once everything has been installed and has time to dry. A final inspection will be conducted, ensuring everything is operating and your bathroom is nice and clean. With that done, your bathroom is all yours to enjoy!

Time to Take Action! How long does a bathroom Renovation Take?

This article has given insight into how long does a bathroom renovation take. The estimated time is around 3-4 weeks. Keep in mind that all bathrooms project is different so these times may vary drastically. For more bathroom and renovation insights check out our MyHomeware blog page!

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