How High Is a Shower Head for Different Shower Heads?

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Shower heads are considered an absolute necessity in the bathroom. Whether in a modern or traditional bathroom, showerheads are essential to showers. And the height of a showerhead is the most important aspect of its perfection.

Setting the height of your shower head incorrectly can have a significant effect on your daily routine. To save money and time during renovations, it is important to get things right from the beginning. Therefore, we will talk about a standard shower head height in Australia that is suitable for your shower room.

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What Is the Standard Shower Head Height 

The industry’s standard shower head height has a fixed height from the floor. It measures approximately eighty inches (80″) or six feet and five inches (6′ 5″) or 207.26 centimeters (cm). This is the ideal shower head height for individuals of average or tall height.

There are perfectly good reasons why experts choose 80 inches as the standard height, and they link it to the need to accommodate as many people as possible. The height setting is based on the average height. This means that more people will be at ease with it. Additionally, this height allows the shower to perform at its best.

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Height Installation for Different Shower Heads

Shower heads have undergone significant changes over the years. Detachable, adjustable, water-saving, rain, high-pressure, double and outdoor shower heads are available as alternatives to standard shower heads.

Each of these different designs and experiences requires an optimal configuration. As a result, a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Now let’s have a look at various types of shower heads and their ideal height.

Fixed Shower Head Height

It is the most common shower head and is ideal if you plan to use the standard shower head height. It should be about 80 inches.

Handheld Showerheads Height

As their name suggests, these showerheads are handheld and include a flexible hose of varying lengths. Any height can be accommodated by adjusting the length of the showerhead. It is recommended to install handheld showerheads at a height between 72 and 78 inches so that anyone can take them from their stands and use them.

Rain Showerheads Height

Typically, a rain shower head can be mounted either on the wall or the ceiling. There are various height requirements for each setup. For instance, if you choose a wall-mounted shower head, the maximum height for rain shower head should be 90 inches, between 85 and 90 inches. If you choose a ceiling mount, the shower head should be 5 to 6 inches below the ceiling bed.

To get maximum comfort, it’s recommended to use MyHomeware shower head products, which provides a variety of shower heads to help you get the ultimate showering experience. What’s more, most MyHomeware Showerheads have five different functions to make your shower more relaxing: massage, massage+rainfall, rainfall, spray, spray+rainfall.

Some Tools to Increase Shower Head Height

To change the height of your current shower head, there are a variety of accessories available on the market that can be used to adjust the height of your shower head.

Adjustable Shower Arm

The adjustable shower arm is an excellent accessory for raising the position of the shower head. This accessory is inexpensive and simple to install, which is what makes it so helpful. With some plumber’s tape, this extension can be connected to the existing shower arm and head.

adjustable shower arm

Shower Slide Bar

The slide bar is attached to the wall, and the handheld shower head is attached to the holder on the slide bar. With a shower slide bar, you can easily adjust the height of the shower head by sliding the holder mount up and down the track of the slide bar pole.

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Swivel Ball Adapter

The swivel ball adapter lowers the shower head’s height. Like the adjustable arm, the adapter can be attached easily. You can put it between the shower arm and the shower head.

swivel ball adapter

It’s recommended to get MyHomeware shower sets, each of them comes with a shower slider bar and adjustable shower head. For instance, IKON Kara with Water Inlet, it’s a great shower set with not only a shower rail and a spray head, but also an integrated water inlet.


The standard shower height is not for everyone, some people may find that it doesn’t work for them. So, here is the recommended shower head height for you.

  • Short people

The optimal height for short people is 78 inches.

  • Medium-height people

People of medium height might choose a rain shower head that measures 80 to 85 inches. This will keep the stream and radius steady.

  • Tall people

An 85 to 90-inch setup will easily clear anybody over 6 feet tall. However, the optimal solution in this instance would be a ceiling mount shower head.

Final Thought

Beyond the standard height recommended by experts, the decision is ultimately up to the users. The shower head installation height should be adjusted according to your family’s average height so everyone can use the shower head comfortably.

FAQ About How High Is a Shower Head

1. What Should I Do if My Shower Head Is Too High?

If you do not wish to renovate your bathroom completely, you can install an adjustable shower arm to the existing shower pipe. This extends the length of your shower head, allowing you to get it as low as you need.

2. Where Is the Ideal Position for a Shower Head?

Your shower head should never face the shower opening or spray directly into the shower doors. It should be centered on the wall and should not face the wall or a window. Any off-center installation can cause water to pool within the shower, cause a mineral buildup on the tiles.

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