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In today’s society, the shower mirror has entered many families. It is the furniture that people use in daily life. When people decorate the toilet, they will choose a shower mirror they like. It can not only beautify our toilet but bring you enjoyment when using it.


The appearance of bath mirrors is different. Square, ellipse, egg circle, etc. There is a single whole mirror. The edge of the mirror has been polished. People carved designs for mirrors. These mirrors are exquisite and practical. These mirrors are part of the bathroom cabinet and are matched with mirror lamps and bathroom cabinets. In this way, there is a unified bathroom space.

From the appearance point of view, we can divide the bath mirror into three types:

The first is a large bath mirror. It clings to the bathroom wall. Large bath mirrors, which can reflect half of the body, are the most common.

The second kind: Taiwan mirror (cosmetic mirror). It on the toilet table or fixed on the wall surface through telescopic supports. This kind of bath mirror is small. We can use it for the makeup of details.

The third type: embedded bath mirror. Is when decorating the house please carpenter to make an embedded small wall cabinet. Stick the cut mirror surface to the cabinet door. It saves space and is convenient to use. It can be used as a wall bath mirror when we close the door. Open the cabinet door. You can place small items such as daily medicines, bath products, cosmetics, etc.


The water vapor brought out from the bathroom puts a layer of mist on the mirror. This makes the mirror useless. High-quality bathroom mirrors have anti-fog and waterproof functions. They have strong refraction of light.

1. Fog Prevention.

According to the principle of anti-fog. There are anti-fog mirrors and electrothermal anti-fog mirrors.

A coated anti-fog mirror prevents the formation of a fog layer through coating micropores. This method is safer but expensive.

An electrothermal anti-fog mirror heats the mirror surface through an electric heating wire or electric heating film. To achieve the effect of anti-fog. Electrothermal anti-fog is more primitive. Self-importance. It needs power. There is room on the opposite side of the mirror. But the price is cheap.

2. Water Proof.

Bath mirrors should choose anti-fog bath mirrors. You should pay special attention to the waterproofed. General waterproof bath mirrors are coated with special waterproof materials on the back. This kind of bath mirror will avoid mold and crack in the gap on the back of the bath mirror. This can prevent the mirror surface from falling off. The falling off of the bath mirror will cause a big potential safety hazard. People should be cautious. The high-quality mirror should be a collection of anti-fog mirror, waterproof mirror, safety mirror. Even if the mirror is immersed in water, there is no leakage of power. People must pay attention to their waterproof safety when purchasing. You’d better try whether it is waterproof before buying. Don’t buy poor quality and unsafe bathroom mirrors just for the sake of a cheap or good appearance.

3. Rust Prevention.

Bath mirrors are necessities installed in the toilet. The toilet environment is humid. The bath mirror is in the toilet for a long time, and some dirt will form on the surface. It will be difficult to clean.

Fog in bathroom mirrors is a common problem. The blurred mirror surface cannot be used, causing disruption. What are the ways to avoid fog in bathroom mirrors? Today, I’d like to introduce to you the cleaning and maintenance methods of bathroom mirrors. There are some tips for bathroom mirrors to prevent fog.

Bathroom mirror cleaning and maintenance methods:

1. Do not touch the mirror with wet hands. Do not wipe the mirror with a wet rag.

2. Mirrors cannot touch salt, vegetable oil, and acidic substances. This chemical is easy to etch the mirror surface.

4. Wipe with thin cloth or sandpaper and some gasoline or wax.

5. Dip a dry towel with inappropriate washing essence and wipe it on the mirror surface. You wipe it away. Specific ingredients contained in detergent spirit. This can prevent water vapor from solidifying on the mirror surface. This has a good anti-fog effect.

6. Clean the mirror with toner or detergent.

7. Wipe with oily facial tissue, the actual effect is good.

Small tips to prevent fog from blurring mirrors

After taking a shower, the mirror is often blurred by steam. After the mist disappears, there will be dirt marks. These marks are difficult to remove. A reasonable way to eliminate water mist is to apply a layer of soap to the mirror. Before taking a bath, you can wipe the mirror with soap and then wipe it with a wet cloth. In this way, a soap liquid film is generated on the mirror surface. It can prevent water vapor from solidifying on the mirror surface. It has a good anti-fog effect.

Waterproof Tips Painting Waterproof Gas

As the mirror is used for a long time, it becomes more and more blurred. People find many black spots in the mirror. This kind of black spot not only affects the use of the mirror but reduces the service life of the mirror. Mirror laminated glass is cut by people. Water vapor is easy to enter the mirror surface from the side cut by the glass knife and etch the mirror surface. Mildew spots and rust are caused. After you buy the mirror, you can first apply a layer of paint to the side of the mirror. The backside is coated with a layer of paint. This can prevent fog from corroding the mirror surface.

Tips for cleaning up

1. Apply toothpaste or bath lotion with a dry cloth and apply it to the bathroom mirror. Wipe it and then wipe it clean with a wet cloth. This has a cleaning effect and can form a protective layer on the mirror surface. In this way, the mirror is not easy to get dirty or have a layer of fog.

2. Wipe the smooth side of potato skin and the mirror will become as bright as new. Dry with a newspaper. You can apply a layer of wax. In this way, there is no need to be afraid of water vapor making the mirror blurred and dirty.

3. Pour vinegar into a bowl. Brush the mirror with an old toothbrush or cloth dipped in vinegar to ensure that the mirror is as bright as new. Because the water stains on the mirror are alkali stains, acetic acid can be neutralized. A little vinegar can clean a large mirror, which is practical.

The above is the method of cleaning the shower mirror and the method of maintaining the shower mirror. I hope this can help you protect your shower mirror.

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