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After decorating the new home, people will buy all kinds of household goods for the home. Many people will choose household products. This is based on the principles of economy, practicality, and taste. From large household products to small daily necessities, every family member has made great efforts. People are worried that the quality of the products they buy will not be good. This will affect their later practicality. For example, buy mirrors. How can we buy affordable and better mirrors?

Mirrors come in a variety of styles. We use them for different purposes. There are wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, shower mirrors, washing mirrors, makeup mirrors, etc. The more common ones are the wall mirrors and bathroom mirrors in our daily home. What is the right way for people to buy good mirrors? We can use the following purchasing methods for reference.

Method 1: Look at the appearance.

Although the appearance of the product cannot determine the quality, it can reflect the quality. Especially when choosing a bathroom mirror, be sure to observe whether there are bubbles and markings on the surface. A good mirror can see whether the workmanship of the product is fine through its appearance. High-quality mirrors have no bubbles or markings on their surfaces. There will be no impurities such as falling off, pinholes, scratches, light transmission, pits, etc. on the back.

Method 2: Look at the details.

Especially when purchasing bathroom mirrors, you should observe their corners. As long as the sides of the mirror are straight and do not bend. It is suggested that you use straight objects in the distance as a reference. We can observe it from the front, side, back, and other angles. Pay attention to the fact that when moving the line of sight, the straight object in the mirror will not bend and deform. It is possible to view from a close range whether the portrait in the mirror has a vain feeling and whether the movement of the line of sight will deform the mirror image. Avoid choosing inferior mirrors.

Method 3: Which is better if there is no boundary?

According to the structure of mirrors, people can divide them into mirrors with and without borders. These two kinds of mirrors can be chosen by everyone. This is according to their personal needs. From the perspective of convenience and easy maintenance, mirrors without borders are better than mirrors with borders. Just like bathrooms, in a humid environment for a long time, many frame materials such as wood and leather will age. From the perspective of beauty, those with borders look better than those without borders. If you want to buy a mirror with a border, you should pay attention to the border material. Pay attention to moisture-proof quality. See if the border is coated. Choose a suitable mirror

Method 4: Do you have to buy anti-fog mirrors?

At home, many people will find fog on the mirror after taking a bath. Every time you use it, you will wipe it. This affects your use. Someone invented a mirror that can prevent fog. Compared with ordinary mirrors, anti-fog mirrors are more expensive. Everyone does not have to buy this kind of mirror. Because with the update of the technology, high-quality mirrors have anti-fog and anti-rust functions. If you use home detergent and soap to wipe the mirror surface, you will achieve the anti-fog effect. The anti-fog film can be pasted. This can achieve the anti-fog effect.

Method 5: The silver mirror is better than the aluminum mirror.

The back of the mirror is plated with silver. We use it for a better reflection effect. The effect of aluminizing the reflective layer is lower than that of silver plating. Many people are willing to buy silver-plated mirrors. The price is higher than that of aluminum mirrors. Although there is no difference between the two in appearance, you can pay attention to the paint surface of the mirror. Silver mirror paint is dark and heavy. Aluminum mirrors are shallower. Scrape off the mirror protection paint, you can see that the bottom layer is copper color for the silver mirror, silver-white for the aluminum mirror.

Method 6: It is an imaging effect.

For a good mirror, as long as the object is imaged within two meters, there will be no deformation or skew. When using a mirror, pay attention to the imaging of distant objects. If there is no deformation, the imaging effect of the mirror is good.

Method 6: It is mirror Thickness.

As we all know, as long as it is a good mirror, the thickness is large. Many people buy thin mirrors to save money. But it won’t be long before the fracture occurs. The thinner the mirror, the darker the color of the mirror surface and the lighter the coating behind it. When buying mirrors, one must choose thick mirrors.

Method 7: Look at the producing process.

Many mirror producers will coat a layer of copper film on the mirror surface. This is in order to make the mirror have a better mirror effect and protect the silver ions from contact with air to oxidize and generate spots. Then apply a layer of primer and paint surface for protection, thus prolonging the service life. When purchasing, you can check through the back corner of the mirror.

The above is the method for buy mirrors, which you can collect. Especially the choice of the bathroom mirror is the most important. Bathroom mirrors are in a humid environment for a long time. The requirements for product quality should be higher so as not to affect everyone’s use effect. No matter what kind of mirror you choose, daily maintenance is indispensable. Good products cannot produce good results. As long as you pay more attention to the products before buying them, you can see the quality of them. A good mirror can reflect the real person. Through some details to find problems, to add more good home products for the quality of life. Let people’s living environment become tasteful and classy.

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