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Mirrors are common objects in daily life. Everyone uses it every day. How big a mirror is suitable for the wall? It depends on the use of the mirror. Then we decide how the mirror should match the wall.

The installation position of the ordinary wall mirror should be half of the height. The angle of incidence and the angle of exit at this position are equal. The height of the bottom edge of the mirror is half the distance between a person’s eyes and toes.

There are more and more styles of mirrors. You have to choose the bathroom mirror of the right size. This can make the bathroom environment look more beautiful.

Rectangular horizontal bathroom mirror

If you want to match a large bathroom cabinet, you can choose a rectangular horizontal bathroom mirror. The width of this bathroom mirror is smaller than that of the bathroom cabinet. Or it has the same width as the bathroom cabinet. Mirrors of this size can be consistent with bathroom cabinets.

The width of the bathroom mirror is long and the size of the bathroom cabinet is short. Such mirrors are not beautiful on the wall.

The height of the bathroom mirror is less than half the width. The height of mirror installation refers to the installation of bathroom cabinets and bathroom environments. It depends on personal preference.

Some families have small washbasins. You can choose to hang the rectangular bathroom mirror with a small basin.

Bathroom mirrors are varied in matching. There are many choices in size. The size and size of the bathroom mirror are determined by the matching furniture.

Vertical bathroom mirrors

For example, if you have a small bathroom basin, you can match it with a vertical bathroom mirror. It won’t take up much space on the wall. What is important is that for the whole wall, the vertical position of the mirror is not abrupt. This can match the size of the basin.

Full-length mirrors

Some families want full-length mirrors. To hang this full-length mirror on the wall, you need to consider different types of mirrors.

There are two types of full-length mirrors. Full-body and half-body mirrors. Compared with a half-body mirror, the full-body mirror can display the user’s instrument.

If there is enough space in the home, full-body mirrors practical. Try to choose a full-body mirror.

There are some tips for choosing the size of full-length mirrors. The full-length mirror is hung on the wall, and the best size is more than half of the height. In this way, the whole body can be illuminated.

The larger the size of the full-length mirror, the more gorgeous it will look. There are three fixed sizes for full-body mirrors on the market. The height is 1.5 meters, 1.56 meters, and 1.6 meters. Their width is between 40 and 50 centimeters. We want these fixed-size mirrors to hang on the wall. You need to keep a detailed record of the overall environment and size of the wall in advance. Then decide whether you need to buy it.

You can customize the mirror according to the width and length of the wall. There is no need to use a fixed-size mirror. According to the actual situation.

Under the condition that the wall area is sufficient. If the mirror is used for decoration, I suggest customizing a small-sized full-length mirror. This can leave some space for the wall.

You can choose the size of the wall in the mirror according to the nature of the space. Before installing the mirror, you must purchase it according to the size of the space. Don’t force mirrors of inappropriate sizes to hang on walls just for appearance.

This will happen if the size is not considered in advance. It won’t take long for you to feel that the mirror doesn’t look good. You will want to remove the mirror from the wall.

In the case of small wall space. The size of the full-length mirror cannot be large. A full-length mirror with a height of 1.5 meters is appropriate. You can customize the size according to your height.

The full-length mirror with a height of 1.2 meters has no problem in use. If the space is large, you can choose a larger size mirror to put on the wall. Mirrors play a decorative role and can play a role in expanding capacity.

It is important to choose the shape type of the mirror. There are many kinds of full-length mirrors on the market.

There are three common types: rectangular, cylindrical, and oval.

Oval mirrors are popular and recognized by consumers. Oval mirrors will look thinner. Under the strong lighting effect, such a mirror will make the whole person more beautiful.

There are many styles of mirrors to choose from. These different styles of mirrors have different effects on the wall. There are plenty of full-length mirrors on the market in modern minimalist styles. Some are simple European style. There are luxurious American styles.

Each style of the mirror has its own unique charm. They can all add to the icing on the cake for home life. It should be noted that the size of the mirror on the wall is not fixed. When you choose a mirror, don’t just consider the style of the mirror. You should give consideration to the style and tone of the overall home decoration as well as the space of the wall. This is neither abrupt nor can complement the home decoration.

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