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Compared with rectangular and oval bathtubs, round bathtubs have more personality and are more popular. However, because the circular bathtub occupies a larger space and requires higher installation requirements, it is not suitable for installation and use. Let’s take a look at the sizes of round bathtubs.

The round bathtub is different from the rectangular and oval bathtubs. It covers a relatively large area. It is generally more suitable for apartments, villas, tourist resorts, and other places. It may not be very suitable for homes. If installed forcibly, it will cause the bathroom too tight and depressing. Because of its characteristics, round bathtubs are more customized and installed according to the size of the bathroom. There are many specifications of round bathtubs.

The common round bathtubs on the market have sizes ranging from 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters (diameter), and the larger ones are about 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. Considering the space of the bathroom, there are also relatively small round bathtubs, about 1.3 meters to 1.5 meters. The ordinary round bathtub at home has a height of about 0.7 meters. If it is a massage round bathtub or a double round bathtub, its size will be larger, but the use rate is not high, suitable for large apartments or villa areas.

Round bathtubs are a bit more expensive than other types of bathtubs on the market. After purchasing round bathtubs, pay more attention to maintenance. After use, it needs to be cleaned and wiped dry to avoid long-term dampness and affect its service life. In the cleaning and wiping process, do not use hard objects, and try to use soft cleaning agents. Although the round bathtub is good, you have to decide whether to buy it according to your actual situation.

1. How to choose a round bathtub

For bathtubs, although not installed in every house, for you who want to improve the quality of life, after installing the bathtub at home, it is definitely a pleasure to take a bath when you are tired. The round bathtub has a unique shape and is very popular.

2. What are the dimensions (diameter) of the round bathtub

The round bathtub has a large capacity, with a diameter of 1.3 meters to 1.9 meters. The round bathtub has a large water storage capacity and a large proportion of the occupied area. Most round bathtubs are installed in villas. Triangular bathtubs are not suitable for placement, and some strangely shaped bathtubs are more suitable for use outdoors or in large buildings.

The round bathtub is large in size, unique in shape, and very individual. It is widely sought after by fashionable people. Therefore, the round bathtub is very popular in villas. First, the villa has a large space, and the bathroom is definitely not small. The size of the round bathtub is suitable for the bathroom in the villa. Although the round bathtub has a certain high standard in terms of water storage and floor space, due to the shape and structure, the internal capacity is large, and the round bathtub can be used for multiple people to bathe at the same time.

The advantage of the round bathtub is that the shape is beautiful and the internal space of the bathtub is relatively large, which can be used for two or more people to bathe at the same time; the disadvantage is that the size of the round bathtub is relatively large, and the space requirement is relatively high. Installing a round bathtub is not suitable for the shape of the bathroom in most modern families. For most modern families, the bathroom space is not large, especially for small-sized homes. It is even difficult to install a square bathtub. According to the actual size of the bathroom space, it may be more suitable to install a round bathtub in some large homes.

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