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In our daily routine, we visit a bathroom multiple times, but we never pay attention to how everything in there is working. But when a malfunction occurs, we try to resolve it on our own. Remember, you can fix the toilet problem only when you know how a toilet works. If you don’t want to call a plumber to fix your toilet, you need to know about its parts and how they operate.

This article will provide you with in-depth guidance about how a toilet bowl works and its other parts work.

Parts of Of Regular Toilets

To know how toilet works, you need to know about its parts and structure. Here are the names of the main parts that play a significant role in the functioning of a toilet:

· Flush Handle

· Flapper

· Bowel

· Siphon Jet

· Bowel

· Trap way

· Flush Valve

· Fill Valve

· Overflow tube

· Re-fill tube

How A Normal Toilet Works?

Let’s see how a toilet works when you pull the lever or push the button on the toilet tank.

1- Toilet Flapper Moves Aside

For knowing how the toilet works, you should know how does a toilet flush valve work. When you pull the lever, the flapper moves aside. This flapper covers the opening of a flush valve. It allows the water to move into the bowel. This is how a toilet flush works. The loud gush sound you hear is the “flushing” sound. Let’s see an image of how toilet flush works

But remember, there are different types of toilet flush systems, but this is how a toilet flush works normally. Also, different types of toilet flush systems have different toilet flush problems, so be careful when you go for fixing it.

2- Water Moves To The Toilet Bowl
This is the second thing that happens in the process of flushing. Now let’s see how the inside of a toilet works when water reaches the toilet bowl. The water rise to a certain level then starts moving to the trap way, taking the wastage.

3- Toilet Siphoning Effect Is Created
It is easy to understand how a toilet siphon works when you see how a toilet works animation. When the bowl gets filled with water, it moves out from the trap way. As it empties, air starts to gush in the trap way by ending the siphoning.

4- Toilet Fill Valve Starts To Work
By learning how a toilet fill valve works, you can fix toilet flush problems. As soon as the tank becomes empty, the fill valve opens and lets the water come into the tank and fill it. This is how toilet fill valve works. Both fill and flush valves play an important role in flushing. We have already mentioned how toilet valve works.

5- Toilet Tank Gets Filled With Water
Let’s see how a toilet tank works. When filling, the float in the tank is in the lower position. As the water level rises, the float rises and presses the piston, which shut off the water supply. The tank becomes full of water and gets ready for the next use. This is how toilet tank works.

Now you know how the toilet tank works, you can look into it and fix any problem.

How A Composting Toilet Works

Do you know what is composting toilet-how it works? Well, you will find out now. The main theme of composting toilets is decomposing human wastage naturally. Many people even get shocked when they know how composting toilet works. But before you know how a compost toilet works, first learn about its components.

If you want to know how toilet bowl works, then this is not a valid question for the compost toilet as the composting chambers and aeration units are the only parts of such toilets.

· You excrete the wastage in this toilet

· As soon as it falls down, the toilet separates liquid and solid parts into different composting chambers.

· It makes liquid wastage a part of the environment again by evaporating it

· The solid part also gets processed and turned into compost material.

How Automatic Toilet Flusher Works

Automatic toilet flusher-how it works; let find out. It has sensors. Now you might be wondering what is toilet sensor flush-how it works. Well, it looks like a regular flush but emits rays. When a person sits on it, the following things happen:

· The sensor goes on hold

· The sensor detects the body heat and the time the person sits on the seat.

· After the person moves away, the flush mechanism gets activated.

· Depending on the time, the amount of water gushes into the bowl.

· The tank starts to get re-filled again for the next flush.

You can also see how a toilet works diagram for a clearer understanding.


We are hopeful that this article would help clear your understanding of how a toilet works. Knowing how a toilet functions can be a huge benefit when the problem is tiny. You can fix it yourself and save money. Good Luck!

FAQs About How A Toilet Works

1.How long should it take to fill a toilet tank?

Refilling of the tank plays an important part in the working of a toilet. It usually takes 45 seconds to almost one minute to get refilled for the next flush.

2.How to unclog a toilet?

You do not need to know how a toilet plunger works for unclogging a toilet, just move it back and forth and your toilet will be unclogged. However, if you really get stressed and want to know how to unclog toilet when nothing works; mix soap with hot water and spill it into the toilet.

Wait for a few minutes and see how this magic works. You can also try mixing baking soda with vinegar. Pour this mixture into the bowl and flush it. Your toilet will get unclogged in a few minutes.

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