Hand Held Shower Head vs Fixed: Which Suits Your Bathroom Better?

handheld shower head vs fixed feature
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Having many choices often makes it tiresome to select one. The same case goes with a multitude of bathroom shower heads. People sometimes get confused about choosing the right showerhead because the market is full of their branded and unbranded variants. So, selecting the right one takes a serious investment of time, knowledge, and money. Though we can not discuss all the variants in this post, we will shed some light on the topic of handheld vs fixed shower head.

handheld shower head vs fixed

What Are The Handheld Shower Head Pros and Cons?

A handheld bathroom shower head is a portable shower head that you can hold in your hands and bathe as you like. The showerhead’s portability is the reason behind its increasing popularity among homeowners. Let’s talk about their pros and cons in detail.

Handheld Shower Heads Pros:

handheld shower head
  • Portability: They are easy to use because they are portable. They can be moved in any direction and reach every part of your body.
  • Installation: They are suitable for any height because they only need to get mounted on a wall. You can also install multiple mounts at different heights so that tall or short persons can use them without problems.
  • Saves Water: The water pressure is adjustable with a controlled flow of water which prevents water wastage.
  • Upgradable: They are easily upgradable. You can anytime replace the existing handheld shower head with a superior unit.
  • Visual Appeal: They are available in a variety of designs and include chrome, platinum, and golden surface finish.
  • Increases Reach: With longer hoses, they can be used in almost every corner of the bathroom. But try preferring a hose of moderate length.
  • Friendly For Disabled/Elderly Persons: Hand held shower heads for disabled or elderly people are convenient to use. They can’t stand under the fixed shower for too long. That is why the hand-held shower heads are the best option for them.

Handheld Shower Heads Cons:

  • Durability: Handheld shower heads are not considered durable. At some time they will show problems related to their hose and nozzles. They are also prone to breakage if dropped on floor by accidental slippage from hands.
  • Average Life Span: Their life span is also not that long. An average handheld shower head may last anywhere between 2-5 years if used with care.

What Are The Fixed Shower Head Pros and Cons?

A fixed shower head remains fixed at a place once installed. Nowadays, these are less common because they don’t offer many features.

Fixed Shower Head Pros:

  • Quick Operation: Because they remain at a fixed height above your head, it is easy for them to spray water over your body at once.
  • Durability: They are durable because they include only solid spare parts which are less prone to daily wear and tear.
  • Life Span: They are not prone to physical damage, which is why they last long.
  • Cost: Single-function fixed shower head and handheld may sometimes have a considerable cost difference. If price is the only factor then you can go with a fixed shower head.
  • Low Maintenance Profile: Because they remain fixed at a single place their entire life, they don’t require frequent maintenance services.

Fixed Shower Head Cons:

  • Unadjustable Height: You can not adjust their height after installation.
  • Limited Reach: The fixed shower head can’t reach every part of your body. So, you have to stand below it to get a proper bath. It also can’t reach every corner of the bathroom. That’s why your bathing spot also remains pretty confined in your own bathroom.
  • High Water Usage: They only spray water at high or low pressure. Big shower heads will sprinkle a lot of water at once. High pressure requires more water.
  • Hard To Clean: Cleaning them may seem a tiring task to many. Because reaching a height of 8 feet is not an easy task. You have to be tall and strong enough for this purpose.

Why is The Handheld Shower Head Considered Better?

We have discussed the pros and cons of handheld showerheads above. All the pros are enough to convince you to go with them. They are portable, elegant, use less water, are sometimes cheaper, and are convenient enough for elderly people. So, why should anyone overlook their features and buy fixed shower heads? Don’t mind refreshing your knowledge about handheld shower head vs fixed by scrolling above a bit.

Final Thoughts

Handheld shower heads offer more flexibility with your movements. With these movable shower heads, you can direct the water anywhere on your body while bathing. This feature is something that is not available with fixed shower heads. Also, handheld shower heads are a perfect choice for people having small bathrooms, just like MyHomeWare handheld shower head. At first, they may seem expensive, but believe us, they offer convenience and visual appeal more than fixed shower heads. In a comparison between handheld shower head vs fixed, the prior one comes out to be a winner.

FAQ About Hand Held Shower Head VS Fixed

1. Are Handheld Shower Heads Replaceable?

Yes! Handheld shower heads are indeed replaceable. They come as an attachment that gets fixed to the shower head’s hose pipe.

2. Do Handheld Shower Heads Have The Shut Off Function?

Yes! Most handheld showerheads have this function. The shut-off function is there to save water. It doesn’t cut the water supply but only slows down the flow. As a result, water doesn’t get built up in the shower head and continues to flow at an acceptable pressure rate.

3. How Often Do You Need to Clean Handheld Shower Heads?

Handheld shower heads don’t need much cleaning. You don’t need to employ any special tips to clean them. Just make sure to wipe them after every bath session. Keep them dry as much as possible.

4. Can You Use Them For Pets?

If you want to bathe your pets, then this is quite possible with handheld shower heads. After shampooing, the pet’s fur needs a thorough cleaning. A handheld shower head will let you clean the pet’s fur efficiently and quickly because you can clean it from any direction and at variable pressure settings.

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